Unclogging the Toilet

: February 1, 2020

Whites have moved to the Republican party largely because anti-whites have gained control in the democratic party. But instead of going Republican, whites need to form a battering ram and knock the anti-whites out. They need to unclog the toilet of big business and reverse discriminators. For too long white workers have not stood up to corporations.

When white workers gain power in the democratic party, it won’t be consensual sex, it will be rape. Groups like the SPLC that want to divide white tech workers are just gonna be told straight up take a hike, just like the republicans told bush supporters to take a hike.

What people who reverse discriminate against and politically suppress white workers are hoping is that they continue to take it in stride, when what’s going to happen is the gloves are going to come off and the response is going to be very overt and public. It’s gone on too long.

Take advantage of the right to make a union. it’s a shield to have political views and not be discriminated against for them. I was pushing the idea. It apparently is really scaring these organized groups that want to displace white tech workers.

I guarantee you what the enemies of free speech fear most is that whites reject the republican bullshit and start to actually form unions. They moan about republicans, but if whites organized along the lines of labor and actually stood up to people who fired them for bullshit accusations of “racism,” they would have a heart attack.

Because look at how the nazis got in power. It was the national socialist workers party. They fear whites saying “sorry, but I’m not going to take this wrongful termination in stride, and I’m going to stick up for my other working class person.”


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