Trump Referendum

: January 12, 2020

Where Trump has changed:
-H-1B Visas.
-End endless wars (I’ve already addressed his pull out on the Kurds – that is something that should have happened but it should have been at a steady pace, not 3 years of doing nothing then pulling out all at once then moving the troops to Iraq.)
-Minimum wage.
-Health care. He was supposed to have a health care plan, just a different one from Obama’s.
Where Trump said little, but disappointed:
-Eliminating safety net programs like food stamps. As an independent who ran as a Republican, I didn’t like to see him go 100% Republican.


Where Trump has remained consistent:
-Pro-Israel (I tolerated his pro-Israel views because he was a self-funder so I thought at least he wasn’t controlled by pro Israel money. But I always knew he was prone to make radical pro-Israel statements.)
-Opposition to the Iran Deal (I held my nose and still voted for him).
Overall I’d say there is no reason to support Trump again.

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