Wrong Lesson on John Kerry’s 2004 Loss

: January 11, 2020

The wrong lesson was learned from the 2004 election. John Kerry did not lose the election because he opposed the war, but Bush stood steady on it and so people voted for the “stronger” commander in chief. Instead, he wavered and argued over tactics but not whether we should be at war. On the contrary, it was a popular opinion that a Democrat who ran against the war (like Obama) would have done better than Kerry. And Kerry came close to Bush, so it’s likely that an anti-war Democrat would have beaten Bush.

On the other hand, an anti-war democrat would have been very polarizing and dividing. But probably victorious.

As far as learning lessons go, FDR did not do anything bold. When Japan and Germany went crazy FDR responded. It’s the wrong lesson to portray America as a cartoon character. Bold decisions have all been failures.

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