Iran has no Triangle like Iraq

: January 9, 2020

Nobody won the Iraq war it’s a civil war with a triangle of kurds and then Arabs divided by religion sunni and Shia and the religious divides go deeper like there are millions of different genres of heavy music.

America did not win Afghanistan either as the taliban (not to be confused with al qaeda) is resurgent though unrecognized.

Iran is not like Iraq with the triangle, and it is a unified country. Anyone who thinks the military would slam dunk it on their turf is acting delusional. Guerilla warfare favors a unified population that wants an invader out.

Iran is not above criticism, but don’t listen to the advise of flag wavers who were wrong on Iraq, Libya, Vietnam and Syria and wrong on Obama’s nuclear deal (they said Iran would build a nuke – they were wrong) and wrong on wmd

A side point – I don’t believe Trump colluded with Russia, but I do believe him and Putin had a relatively friendly relationship. I agreed with not impeaching him for collusion with Russia.

I think after this, his relationship with Russia will be ruined.

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