Sunni Shia Conflict and Iran

: December 19, 2019

One thing many “alt right” people underestimate is the Sunni Shia conflict. They also underestimate the fact that Iran is not an Arab country by language, culture and heritage and that Iranians are seen as an invasive presence to the extent that they exert power over the Arab world.

Therefore while I oppose a regime change initiated by American in Iran, at the same time I oppose the idea that Iran can rule over Arabs in the name of an anti-Israel revolt. Israeli Zionism does not excuse Iranian meddling and imperialism.

I believe Iran has a role to play in the struggle against western imperialism and Zionism, but it cannot be seen as a spokesperson for an Arab heritage that it doesn’t even posses. It should, in a distant way, support Palestinians, but as a third party, not as a party that is personally involved and therefore imperialistic. In the same way that Marxists support Palestinians without trying to rule over Arabs.

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