Trump Removed Food Stamps, Against the People

: December 7, 2019

Trump showed his opposition to average person by forcing people to prove employment of 20+ hours a week to get food stamps. That’s ridiculous, because employers fire employees for bad reasons all the time and the whole point of the program is to help the poor.

things like this are exposing Trump as a big business sycophant. He ran on the idea that he was somehow different from other Republicans, that he was the sort of in favor of the working class but socially conservative. We now see that was a lie and on healthcare too. Trump has become a big business Republican. He spends recklessly on the military but not on the programs that actually would be helpful. What people have hated about Republicans since Ronald Reagan. Trump has joined the club.

County unemployment rates are deceptive. the unemployment rate has to be > 6% to get food stamps without working 20 hrs a week now. but many people leave counties when they can’t find a job. If you factor in people who move around the state or country to get jobs, county unemployment is much higher. Others can’t qualify for unemployment benefits due to low past wages, being out of work too long etc. They’re really unemployed but they don’t count towards that 6%.

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