Why Averages are Inadequate

: December 5, 2019

100 illegal immigrants cross the border.
99 of them, other than crossing the border, are caught with no more crimes.
1 runs a drug cartel, kills 15 people, then return to mexico, free from American prosecution.
“On average,” they have no criminal record. Yet a totally preventable crime was allowed to happen.

You can use arguments of mean and median to make Harrisburg seem more dangerous than Philadelphia because “on average” there is more crime, when everyone knows that the worst parts of Philadelphia are worse than the worst parts of Harrisburg. It’s simply bad faith debating to argue that certain issues are okay being left to anarchy because “the average person” or “on average” there’s no mass murder.

Therefore the SPLC is wrong to slander anyone who warns about illegal immigration and its link to crime citing averages. Their statistic that illegal aliens on average are otherwise law abiding does not make warning about the subject an offense that can be justifiably approached with financial and employment retaliation.

The fact is that allowing anarchy at the border would result in a police jurisdiction nightmare where criminals could run circles around law enforcement by moving from country to country. Even if the other 99 balance the average out by not getting crimes. Socialism is not anarchism and communism is not anarchism.

This extreme push on immigration has caused me to switch my loyalty to Biden over Sanders/Warren and to change my prediction as well. I never had disliked Biden as much as Hillary, I just thought Sanders and Warren were better, until they went off the cliff on immigration. Their positions on abortion are also extreme and depart from “safe, legal and rare” and go into “we need more of them, it’s a right” territory. However the declaration of a desire not to enforce our borders was the final straw.

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