Socialism and Merit

: December 2, 2019

It’s true that socialism goes against a merit based system where only the most intelligent people are rewarded, but the truth is we don’t have that system now. Many of the most intelligent people are collecting unemployment or worse.

that’s one thing that’s changed about america. it used to be that if you were smart, you could kind of avoid the screwjob. now smart people are also getting screwed.

employers used to have enough sense not to fire their most intelligent guys. They were like careful people, who opposed the interests of workers, but in a rational way. Employers today are like cash in the chips, go all out, bet the house extremists. They’ll fire an integral person in an almost masochistic and suicidal way. That has absolutely changed.

People in big tech are the worst. They think their business is a facebook wall where they can randomly move out someone who hurts their feelings or whose removal gets an applause in the fashion of an extrovert.

The person who isn’t a yes man is extremely important. Employers have lost sight of that. They’ve lost sight of the fact that sometimes the guy who occasionally says no is the one who is doing his job correctly.

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