A Reply on Censorship

: December 2, 2019

This is a reply I wrote on another blog:

There was a time long ago, I’m sure you remember, when I hadn’t taken an anti-Israel position, because I didn’t view Israel as an aggressor and a colonial project that dovetailed with US imperialism. I saw it as just a bar fight in the middle east, so I enjoyed stuff like jtf.org.

If you noticed, even when I was in that phase, I never once tried to censor ideas. I did try to shut down websites that were showing my personal details, but I never tried to for instance take alex linder or noam chomsky off the web.

This is because I have political sense. I’m not an idiot. I realize that censorship might feel like a victory but it’s a mirage. It’s kind of like spiriting the opening of an endurance event. You might feel powerful, but it’s bad tactics. Also, I don’t really mind an exchange where the other side disagrees with me.

Of course, now I’ve changed my views on the Israel question. I think it’s out of place and a case of an intentional state trying to create itself in an occupied area. Most paleocons in America don’t want to deport native american indians, I don’t think Pat Buchanan does. Israel does the equivalent of that.

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