What Kind of Leftist are you?

: December 1, 2019

Well, I’m a gangster bolshevik.

I view every major left movement as having some good ideas except for Trotsky. Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Kim, Castro, Hoxha etc. all had some good ideas. I wouldn’t totally hitch my wagon to any one. I like a more nation-friendly socialism, not nazism which in effect allows fascism. While Hitler claimed to do what is best for “the race,” in effect his idea was to not have much of an economic policy and fascism is the default dictatorship policy (let the corporations rule).

I think leftists should get involved in other types of abrasive interests while revolution isn’t immediately viable. Write music critical of the elite, crash parties, protest flag wavers and write criminals in jail. Essentially show defiance even if revolution isn’t realistic. And survive, like a termite. Get a little bit of a syndicate mafia mentality.

Stalin and Mao both were considerably different on nationhood than Lenin, despite claims from some Maoists and some Stalinists that their respective favored candidate was identical. The truth is that there is some room to change your stance based on the environmental situation and material conditions.

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