Stalin Enabled Hitler?

: December 1, 2019

An interesting thing about history. Many westerners argue that Stalin wanted to be Hitler’s partner with the non-aggression pact and that if Hitler had not turned on Stalin, Stalin would have been buddying up to Hitler.

The truth is that Stalin first tried to make a deal with the west, but the west would not, basically seeing two dictators representing totalitarian ideologies – nazism/fascism and stalin’s more nationally based version of communism.

Only when denied that alliance did he make a non-aggression pact with Hitler. Hitler got the rest of europe by conquering and making allies. but Hitler knew that Stalin would not be his puppet. Stalin would agree to non-aggression, but not being Hitler’s bitch.

Stalin’s ruthless tactics won the war. He was willing to resort to very cruel tactics to win. Such as having a person at the back of the line shooting anyone who retreated and burning down and destroying towns when the entire army retreated so that the nazis couldn’t use the resources. He was willing to viciously destroy parts of Russia just because it harmed Germany’s ability to use the resources. It’s called the scorched earth policy. The winter also hurt germany, as Russians were used to the cold. The nazis did have russia on its heels but in the end, it was Stalin who ruined the nazi reich.

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