It’s not just Profits

: December 1, 2019

The problem with free markets isn’t only seeking the maximum profits. It’s also the fact that to a degree, there’s an ability to abuse power at the top if there’s no outcry. So you can hire someone, dig into his/her background, then find something you don’t like (like a political post, criminal record that has nothing to do with the actual job) and then fire the person when the person on the job actually did just as good or BETTER than other people who didn’t get fired. So it’s not just seeking the maximum profit it’s also discrimination and it’s not only discrimination against colored, non-white and religious minorities.

The person may have been asked to move or had to find a new address for your job and simply because it “feels good” you fire with no business justification for it or ones that weaken when compared to the performance of peers who don’t get fired. Or outright office politics. Or even regular politics. Or nepotism.

It’s deep diving tech searches, it’s giving jerk references a platform to torpedo your next job. It’s not just seeking the maximum profit and destroying the third world. Those are problems, but not the only problems with our system.

Stopping people from firing qualified non-whites for no reason has a place, but it shouldn’t be the only thing politicians talk about. Whites also suffer injustice in the workplace.

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