Rural Whites and Small Government

: November 10, 2019

One problem I see (and it cost Democrats in 2016) is that by taking such a radical anti-government and therefore pro big business position, rural whites have allowed whites to become a punching bag in the Democratic Party – especially white males. Rural Whites have to understand that opposing big government means supporting big business.

Rural whites receive this because Democrats figure they are going to lose the white vote anyways, so they might as well energize some non-whites who have a grievance against whites. If Whites had just maintained a position against large corporations, this reverse racism would be shut down, because Democrats would fear losing white voters.

The truth is, though, that it still happened. Clinton did atrociously with white rural people, much worse than Obama. What they wrongfully call white privilege is just rural whites voting against their own class interests.

To add, I believe whites have to play tough with these reverse racists but it is not logical to be Republican. In some ways I like that Trump exposed this, that this “use the minorities as a battering ram against whites” strategy costs Democrats in important states if the Republican then comes in as a champion of whites.

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