Right to be Forgotten – Google

: November 3, 2019


This shows the different between europe and america. Europe takes the stance that certain information needs to removed because it will be abused, in particular by employers who use search engines to learn things that don’t come up in the interview.

The US is more like free speech, free speech, free speech.

I would like to sympathize with the American view, but I’ve learned that people can’t be trusted to be adults with sensitive information.: If something negative comes up under a search for your first and last name, job offers will be pulled and it will come up nearly every interview.

That isn’t fair and free speech may have to take a back seat because people aren’t mature enough to keep it out of their employment decisions.

I’m in favor of some sort of warning being on the front page: “Google is not a background check engine and you may not use this in your employment hiring decisions.”
And then there should be law suits that are actually upheld, not sort of casually dismissed by judges.

When something like this happens, your respect for humanity plummets. You realize that people are really shitty and disloyal and will discard you over a google search result that perhaps shows that you posted on some forum or had a misdemeanor. You realize that people are like stupid sheep. Not only that, they’re often wrong, thinking that you had x political view when it’s really y but firing you anyways (but it would be wrong if they were right). I’m not a sheep dog. I hate the sheep. I’m a wolf. Get that straight. If you want to be my friend, you need to know that I’m the wolf that your hero chris kyle rallied against.

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