Urban Rural Divide

| November 29, 2019

The problem in american politics is that the rural and urban people won’t aim at the same target – the 1%. Rural people want gun rights, urban people want gun control. Rural people want small government, urban people want government assistance. Both should realize that their positions are reactions to the environment they were raised […]

Power Abusing Employers

| November 11, 2019

I remember 10 years ago the ethic definitely was never complain about an employer. Before Harvey Weinstein, before Trump, before Bernie Sanders. But what happened is that the abuses of power have just become so rampant that people who had no intention of complaining have just been forced to. What else are you supposed to […]

Ron Reagan

| November 10, 2019

What few people point out is that the son of Ronald Reagan, Ron Reagan, is an atheist and a hardcore leftist who endorsed Bernie Sanders and thought Bush cheated into the white house (his Dad was still alive when W got elected the first time). You have to wonder if senior Reagan would change his […]

Rural Whites and Small Government

| November 10, 2019

One problem I see (and it cost Democrats in 2016) is that by taking such a radical anti-government and therefore pro big business position, rural whites have allowed whites to become a punching bag in the Democratic Party – especially white males. Rural Whites have to understand that opposing big government means supporting big business. […]

McCarthyism Against Political Correctness

| November 5, 2019

There is a form of corporate McCarthyism that is against racism and political incorrectness and it’s worse than the old McCarthyism about communism. What makes it McCarthyism is that many people accused of violating it haven’t really violated it but were just in the wrong place at the wrong time (they may have argued with […]

Right to be Forgotten – Google

| November 3, 2019

https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-49808208 This shows the different between europe and america. Europe takes the stance that certain information needs to removed because it will be abused, in particular by employers who use search engines to learn things that don’t come up in the interview. The US is more like free speech, free speech, free speech. I would […]

Third Worldism

| November 3, 2019

Third worldism is an ultra left deviation which essentially says that nobody in America really suffers from the effects of greed and that even America’s poor and unemployed are still profiteers of imperialism. It effectively leads to an alliance with Republicans against America’s working class due to the logic that America’s working class is as […]

Sanders, Warren – Paul, Trump

| November 3, 2019

if sanders is ron paul, warren is what people hoped donald trump would be. sanders is the one paving the way with rigid ideological statements, while warren is ever so slightly distancing herself from those statements while still essentially targeting people who support sanders. This strategy of sanders paving the way and then warren leaping […]