Merit System or Circle Jerk?

: September 12, 2019

The majority of hiring managers are frankly bigots who are more concerned with your outside appearance and where you stand within their inner circle / outer circle than they are with your actual potential to perform day in and day out, to innovate, to be productive. They’re actually jealous of a relative outsider who performs very strongly.

Some are obsessed with hiring Indians, but I’ve seen Italian nepotism too. There is a lot of nepotism and reverse racism in computer programming, along with feigning outrage to alleged controversies in someone’s background, such as resume gaps, a jerk reference, bad returns on a google search. They’re not really offended, they’re just selfish and trying to hold you down because they’re not really good professionals but selfish people.

everyone knows that there is some favoritism in high school sports. If you are 6 foot 10 it might not matter if you’re an outsider or if you’re the next john Stockton, but for regular people, there is favoritism. The favoritism in business puts basketball to shame. An outsider like me can make the team by working hard.

people will hire you with the intention of using you as a scapegoat. They see that you’ve had a few difficult cards dealt to you and instead of giving you the chance, they hire you with a knife behind their back for cynical, selfish reasons with the plan to help themselves or help their friends and the desire to with no notice fire you if your performance somehow harms their inner circle or comparatively shows that the circle isn’t doing its job.

I’ve counted three recent shooters where anger at an employer set it off. People should ask themselves if something is wrong here. Is the job market simply allowing a few lucky people to ride the wave while other people get stuck under water?

*As I always stress, the focus here is often on first world – third world concerns (anti-imperialism), but local dysfunction within the first world is still a legitimate topic.

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