Step Back to Step Forwards

: June 7, 2019

My basic philosophy – I’m willing to sacrifice some freedoms if big corporations also lose their freedoms.

I’m sick of a few punks who own the media, big tech and government pushing their bullshit onto conformist idiots.

Locking up people for not paying bills. Firing people to get their friend promotions or for privately held and eruditely communicated opinions. Hogging the means of production and then using their rigged game to exclude capable people. Hiring people who have experienced abuse in the past – but only with the intention of using them as a scapegoat.

I have no love for suburban snobs either, who crack like brittle under the slightest controversy and discard people in panic.

I’m actually thrilled to see big tech getting broken up by the Government. We need more of this. We need more privacy. People need rights – corporations should have no rights. I’m willing to leave the united states to achieve my goals of rebelling against this “free market” bullshit.

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