How I Got to Here

: July 30, 2018

As someone who does not place himself as part of the “alternative right” or follow pop culture such as the Matrix, I do not use terms like “red pill,” “virtue signaling,” “cuck” etc.   It is a fair point of topic as to how I arrived at my current views and it was not a “red pill.”   It was a process of constantly analyzing things, in the outside world, while reading and while making posts.

If I had to sum up my political beliefs in tweet sized limitation, I would say I believe corporate profiteering is the central problem and that Democrats have turned to reverse racism over class based economics and opposition to foreign policy aggression.  There are more specific positions and deeper philosophical points but those are outside the scope of “the tweet” size.  They are covered and will be covered amply on this blog, on social media and on videos.

The first issue that put me on to politics was George W. Bush making his hypocritical war mongering so obvious.  Prior to that I did not really care about politics.   At this point I had no knowledge of ethnic lobbies, no deep knowledge of the role of business and class division in politics, I simply saw Bush as an aggressive person.   At that point, I looked into the Democrats.  I found very quickly that the main issues the Democrats pushed for were political correctness arguably to the point of reverse racism, abortion and ethnic blocking which is different from class consciousness and that their use of the anti-war movement was phony and insincere.  I was proven correct later, when the party nominated Hillary Clinton and when I observed several Democratic figures say that Bush 2nd is better than Trump.   This has all been noted before on this blog.

At the same time I started to post on far left and far right websites, but it started sort of as a joke at first.  In the same way, Lamb of God’s singer started his growling as a joke.  I posted there for the same reason that I read about Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Ramirez.  I did quite a bit of trolling and caused a lot of feuding.  However, as this was happening, I was taking in different ideas and doing a lot of serious thinking and then when the fight with the phora went into full fledged cyber war I started to really start taking things more seriously after my real name was posted.   At this time I was influenced by both far right and far left people.   I drew from both, but not in the way of a third positionist does.   Analogously Metalcore and Crossover Thrash are both influenced by punk rock and metal, but they’re two different genres.   I basically took political incorrectness of the far right and mixed it with the class based politics of the far left.

However I then read more actual theorietcal writings by Marx, Lenin, Mao, Engels etc. and was guided by a person of Georgian ancestry in the blogging efforts known as Besoshvilli.  Through simply continuing to analyze, pay attention and think about things, I developed philosophical insights that connected in the same way that different parts of a song are made to fit together by a good producer when initially seeming separate.   I developed a real philosophy, not just a collection of prejudices.   Then I mixed that philosophy with an idea that loyalty was more important than populism or size and with a pragmatic attitude that revolution was not around the corner and came up with gangster bolshevism.   My idea here was that for now we’re not close to power, so we should focus on our own survival, on not being swept by the tidal wave of masses and on sort of riding the tiger (not that Evola is our guide) and opposing society without expecting a revolution.  Essentially it’s like deciding to run for a certain amount of time instead of to reach a destination.   We’ll exercise our own growth and improvement, remain critical of the hyproticial society but not expect any particular result, just innovate as we boldly go into the unknown and do not sell out to the brainwashed masses.  Gangster Bolsheviks do not try to evangelize their views to women, because it’s a male only movement.  Women who know gangster bolsheviks should sort of just watch the spectacle.  Maybe make their own philosophy if they can do it.

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