Arms of an Octopus

: July 26, 2018

This is not done and I will return to finish it, but wanted to leave something for the people who read this blog

The powers that be want white people to be wrapped up in stupid flag waving and military worship, while they want non-whites to be obsessed with their own race instead of the entire working class. They want Whites to feel there is a double standard and hold it against non-Whites. The Republican flag waving and Democratic reverse racism are both problematic political parties.

Whites then try to prove their patriotism by pushing even harder for imperialism while non-whites view being left out of the military as a form of  racism.   This conflict is wiggled towards imperialism and US adventurism.

They want a fight between Whites who want everyone under one flag and non-Whites who feel they need group identity. And the flag is a flag of blood and imperialism.

The reason they want this is because if non-whites and whites got their act together, the dismantling of the corportracy would be an easy task.

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