“Support the Troops?”

: July 25, 2018

There are two irreconcilable and opposite groups which both claim to support the troops.

One groups is the “pep rally” crowd.  These people basically like to wave the American flag and raw raw cheer the machine.   Their favorite President is George W Bush.  Their favorite book is American Sniper.  They are basically “yes men” / “yes women” who think telling everyone what they want to hear and singing happy songs is supporting the troops.  They indeed get support from many troops and veterans, because they make the sort of soft statements others want to hear.


Another group is more of a memorial crowd.  These people support the people behind the uniform more than the uniform itself.   They want to end the bloodshed and often tie the wars to ulterior motives such as greed, lobby groups etc.   They will write things like “support the troops, bring them home.”  Some troops and veterans will call them traitors, but they will remain stringently internationalist in their outlook on war and oppose the destruction of both American and non-American lives.


To try to support both positions is a logical contradiction. You cannot be both at the same time.  Once again, harsh truths are brought to you that will not sit well at your dinner table.

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