Washington and Jefferson Today

: July 22, 2018

The American revolution was a revolution against British imperialism.  At that time period and era, it was pretty much a White revolution and putting all the ethnic groups under one Government was not something that was yet being considered.

Let us leave aside the race issue, because it is a different era.  Back then Indians, Blacks and Whites were so culturally different that living together was more difficult than it is today.   We can speculate that it is possible that the founding father would be fine with an eventual multi-racial society, but we cannot prove.

However, we can almost certainly guarantee that they did not predict that corporate totalitarianism detailed on this blog.   When they talked about freedom and liberty, they did not intend for the working people have those freedoms and liberties taken away in the name of market forces.  “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” sure seems to be referring to the freedom of people and not the freedom of markets.   Washington, Jefferson and the founding fathers revolted against British imperialism.   It is sure logical to believe that they would likely have opposed the corporatocracy and American imperialism of today.

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