ThePhora’s Ideological Shift

: July 22, 2018

I had a previous extensive conflict with  People will say that you cannot have a conflict with a forum, only with individuals.  However, it was a tight nit forum with mod lounges and with members who all communicated via email.  It was not a forum like politicsforum where everyone was an individual, but an organized forum.

I notice that thephora has turned into a blatantly right wing forum, when it used to be more of a left-right synthesis back then.   The same can be said about its founder who was kicked off, Hunter Wallace / Fade the Butcher / Prozium who now runs Occidental Dissent.

I actually think the earlier path was more correct and the newer path leaves both sites as essentially a rehash of or  While back then I did troll and cause feuds and while back then I had not ideologically formed into what I was now, I still think both thephora and its founder contained better posters then than they do now.

The revolt I lead technically (Daniel Shays lead it organizationally) played a role in this, because pretty much all the left leaning posters broke off, along with the founder himself.  It is a myth to say that Prozium / Hunter Wallace organized thelyceum and its a raw fact that I was invited there by Mazdak before he was.   Get this through your head – gb819 / metal gear / “kane” was on thelyceum before Hunter Wallace / Fade the Butcher / Prozium was.  It happened in that order.   I lead the technical side of the conflict and nobody -NOBODY – knew I had those technical skills.   I had picked them up through my studies of programming.

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