The Kyle/Ventura Issue

: July 22, 2018

Libeling/Slandering Jesse Ventura and disrespecting the dead from other countries.  This is the real problem I had with Chris Kyle and American Sniper, along with his tendency to fabricate (including his own kill count, his sniping during hurricane Katrina etc.)  We should use the word Lie with a capital “L.”  To do anything else is to disrespect Jesse Ventura.  We should not care if this offends Kyle’s supporters, organizations that claim to support veterans or facebook friends.

I do not agree with everything Ventura says, but the idea that the media can blow up a person into a larger than life figure and then he can launch untruthful attacks on a political dissident sickens me.   I for instance, do disagree with Ventura on 9/11 revisionism.  My position is that 9/11 happened and it was a spiteful action against US imperialism targeting large corporations, Jesse’s position flirts with the idea that the Government set up a false flag.  However, overall I still respect, support and oppose any attempts to libel/Slander Jesse.

Do I support the restrained use of troops, safety of troops, and reduction of conflicts? Yes.

Do I support America bullying other countries and think it’s a good cause? No. And I don’t show disrespect for dead people from other countries, which is another thing Kyle did.

*In this post I did not even really address the fact that Saddam Hussein’s regime was not in alignment with Al Qaeda and a secular regime, but that Kyle was incapable of telling the difference.  Focus was put elsewhere.  If Kyle had not been murdered, I would have been just as willing to write a post like this for him to potentially view it.

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