Leftist Economics vs. Liberal Antiracism

: July 18, 2018

I am not endorsing policies that forcibly segregate Whites from Blacks or any assimilated native group from any other assimilated native group.  Never would I suggest that Whites be banned from certain areas of the city or Blacks banned from the country side.


What I am doing is showing that the fix to everything is economic.   Imagine a society with a universal basic income, where everyone had housing, where the luck of the roulette wheel that gives you a good job was no longer the most important thing in making sure you can cover your bills.   In that society, if someone chanted “white power,” it would not harm anybody.   It would essentially be a speech concern with no ability to cause negative impact on a target.

The problem is one class ruling over another, with the ability of the people to use their monopoly power (monopolization has been explained on this blog before, search) to harm others.   Reverse racism would be essentially the same problem with the roles of bloodlines reversed.   Liberal policies are short sighted and do not solve anything long term.  They are the thinking of a chess player who cannot see more than one move ahead.


If you see more than one move ahead, you can see that making everyone economically secure is the solution.  Then, what matters if someone calls you the N word or tells you that you’re guilty of being White.   None of this would matter, because sticks and stones can break bones but words will not ruin your housing and living situation.

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