Collectivism vs. Nationalism

: July 7, 2018

Nationalism should be understood based on its dictionary definition.  It means pulling everyone together under a flag.    Nationalism is about class collaboration.   That is what the word means to most people.   Some ethnic activists talk about “white nationalism” or “black nationalism.”   That is really racialism and should not be called nationalism.

Nationalism, as defined by most people, is not something that should be sought after in countries which are engaged in imperialism due to greed, jingoism and selling out to pressure groups.  Nationalism, in these countries, would demand a compromise between the supporters of imperialism and the opponents of imperialism.  Such a compromise would surrender basic principles.

When people see that you are opposing nationalism, they may interpret it as a Libertarian bend.   However, collectivism can exist without nationalism.   The collectivism of the main proletariat and peasant classes and fellow travelers against the profiteers and sell outs.

In countries which are being plundered, nationalism may be logical for a time.   For instance most would agree that Mao Tse-Tung was right to ally with Chiang Kai-shek to drive the Japanese out of China.  At that point the peasantry/proletariat were tied to the bourgeoisie in a common interest of expelling the invader.   However, even in these situations it is only a short term alliance.

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