Republicans, Democrats, Media

: July 5, 2018

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Democrats and Republicans both ultimately serve the same international corporate masters, but they do not necessarily carry the same thought process.  You can in some ways say that the two parties target two different segments of society and lead them down the same enslaved path.

It seems that Democrats trust too much.  They trust the media.   They trust that a fetus is not a living being.   They trust the school system.  They trust the war machine, as long as it is portrayed as a humanitarian intervention and as long as the media is behind it.  Everything is about being cosmopolitan and “hip.”

Republicans have a different problem.  The problem that Republicans have is that they invert the true problem.  Republicans act as if the Government is the main problem and that free markets are being ruined by the Government.  The truth is that the international corporations are the root of our misery – our totalitarian behavior has been privatized.  The Government is actually a relative lesser evil to these corporate tyrants and the tyrants at times control the Government.

Democrats trust the rulers of society because the media says so.   Republicans do it because they have internalized a false ideology where free markets translate to freedom in general.  They do not, they end up in privatized totalitarianism, the military industrial complex, environmental degradation and people being fired for speaking their mind, even on their own private time.

My honest opinion is out of the four political parties talked about (Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian) is that if I had to absolutely choose one, I would choose the Green Party.

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