Monopolies and Lobbyists

: July 5, 2018

The basic thesis of America is that free markets will essentially share power and make society more democratic.  This is totally wrong, because the end result of free markets is a relative monopoly, because eventually the market reaches a saturation point. At this point a small number of international corporations rule like totalitarian dictators.  Organized lobbyists worm their way into play as well, which is very possible in a society that is ruled with a class structure.

Let us use an example. For how long have the three console makers been Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft? A long time. Suppose you are someone who can design consoles and suppose all three of them start teaming up against you, using reference calls. It is not realistic to say “no big deal, just start your own company” and companies play politics like this all the time.  However, it is even worse, they control the media, they drive us into wars, they mess with elections.

Bernie Sanders does little to explain why a small number of people have a lot of power.   The reason is that when the competition for resources becomes scarce, companies can only grow by taking down other companies. That is why you are always left with a small number having a lot of power.  Such a system allows lobbyists to be powerful as well if they get inside connections, but it must be remembered that even the “host” which the lobbyists alter is internally contradicted.

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