Addressing Anti-Communist Lines

: June 30, 2018

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Argument Logical Response
The Bolsheviks were mainly Jewish… The Bolsheviks were people who rejected the Tsarist regime and renegades who were opposed to both ethnic identity politics and religion. Amongst far right circles, it is popular to talk about Marxism and Zionism as interrelated phenomenon. This sort of thinking is not taken seriously amongst the broader population, but only as a matter of principle, I find it necessary to debunk the illogical link between Marxism and Zionism simply as someone who is unveiling a worldview. The Tzarist regime specifically targeted Jews except for those who converted (being an atheist did not count as a conversion) and many individual people also rebelled against the Jewish leaders at the same time. The Bolsheviks were one of several groups resisting the Tzar (Mensheviks, Socialist Revolutionaries, Greens, Provisional Government supporters) all of which attracted people in this predicament.
Leon Trotsky… Was kicked out of the Party with the support of the entire Party, not just Stalin.   While Lenin criticized Stalin, he  criticized  Trotsky too. Trotsky was a Menshevik and only joined the Bolsheviks when it was clear that they were the prevailing faction.
Moses Hess… Fell out with Karl Marx because Marx adopted Engels’s view of “Dialectical Materialism” while Hess instead switched from “Utopian Socialism” (critiqued in the Communist Manifesto) to Zionism.  Many of these critics of Moses Hess did not know who he was until they observed people discussing figures who interacted with Marx and then their historically outdated attempts to link him to Marx started. It is quite clear that they spent some time together and then they diverged. There are pictures of Lenin and Hitler playing chess. Are they the same, since they spent some time together? Should we argue that the Strasser Brothers and Hitler are the same, since they spent some time together before taking opposing positions?
Stalin Supported Israel at first Stalin saw a change was taking place and wanted to have his hand in it.  As soon as he realized that it was based on colonialism/imperialism and essentially anti-Semitism in reverse (anti-gentilism), he stopped.
The Democrats and Liberals …. Liberalism and Leftism have irreconcilable contradictions. Leftists critique the economic system as the starting point for the majority of unfairness in society. Liberals essentially espouse reverse racism. They want wall street to rule, just with a Demographic Change.  Liberals have reverse endorsed George W. Bush relative to Trump (granted that Trump is a con artist).
Marx / Engeles / Lenin / Stalin rejected nationalism… Stalin clarified a lot of this, nationalism is okay when it is resisting an imperialist force but not in a country which materialistically houses those forces.    There is a dissident mentality needed and that mentality cannot be called nationalism, because nationalism indeed involvse collaboration between the proletariat/peasantry and the bourgeoisie.  In countries like this class collaboration is not possible.  What you should aim for is not nationalism but collectivism.
You deny that ethnic politics play a role I do not deny that ethnic lobbies are influential, but the class structure that allows people to influence society is very important.  The knowledge that one way or another there would still be dysfunction with this structure is important.   Only the most benevolent leaders would reject imperialism and fight the military industrial complex under this set up.
Socialism / Communism means economic planning See previous posts on this site about market socialism and the planning under capitalism. Use the search feature. Communism is not defined yet. Lenin himself could not define exactly what it would be. It will not be visible until society is fully Socialist. Socialism is defined based on the proletariat (or peasantry under Maoism, or some combination) taking political power, most likely through the establishment of a new regime.
Marxism / Leninism / Maoism killed x people You do not know what you are talking about and just repeating lines given to you.
Marx rejected the family unit Marx was writing a lot of things mocking the monetary motives behind marriage and the affairs that were going on at the time. Perhaps Marx did believe in a society where the entire society raised the child instead of the family. Other left wing figures have disagreed with Marx. There is some room for debate among philosophers.
You focus too much on ideology and not enough on chemistry / opportunity. The reverse is true of my critics.

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