The Rehabilitation of George W Bush

: April 8, 2018

Some people, perhaps with good intentions, point out that Trump has many flaws.   However many Democrats tend to hold up George W Bush as an example of when things were better.  This shows a stunning lack of memory and loss of perspective.  For all of Trump’s fault, he is not guilty of destroying the Ba’ath regime in Iraq and of creating a long term presence in Afghanistan.

The animosity that the media had towards George W Bush was always fake. I recall the most blatant propaganda and cheerleading for the “war on terror” coming out of even newspapers in less major metropolitan areas.

We see that it is fake now, because the media now uses Bush to bash Trump. “Remember when things were so much better.” Well guess what I don’t remember that, I remember Bush being a piece of garbage.

Huffington Post

The Trump era has offered no shortage of unusual partisan shifts. Trump voters now hate the NFL. Evangelical Christians no longer find personal immorality to be a deal breaker in their politicians.

And, as a new survey finds, former president George W. Bush is no longer persona non grata among Democrats.

A 51 percent majority of the party now holds at least a somewhat favorable view of Bush, according to a new YouGov/Economist survey, with just 42 percent still viewing him unfavorably. The share of Democrats who give him the most negative rating possible, “very unfavorable,” isn’t much higher than the percentage of Trump voters who say the same.

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