Flat Earth?

: February 5, 2018

There are people who today believe that the Sun rotates around the Earth.   The flat earth society today has about the same relevance as Trotskyism, but it does exist.   However, science was not always accepted and Galileo fought a battle with the Catholic Church over this concept.  To most right wingers and also “liberals” who do not critique capitalism internally (they critique greed more than capitalism), various ideologies like liberalism, conservatism and nationalism project their influence on the world which then revolves around the consciousness.  These people do not seem to realize that the gravitational core of the world is capitalism while the various  ideologies metaphorically orbit around it.  They all have various pain points that are being hit by the real world, but few of them connect the pain points to the economic engine which they believe is more or less like a fireplace that just runs.  In reality it is not just running, it is rotating the entire world with it and the pain points are felt without the consciousness of the rotation.

It should not be disputed that the world can be influenced and changed.  However, a person who is conscious that the world revolves around materialism (and presently capitalism) realizes that these ideologies are attempts to create order and reason in a world that continues in motion.  A conservative reacts to capitalism by holding tighter to free markets while a liberal thinks the government should do more.  A nationalist tries to replace the alienation of capitalism with a feeling of being in a group. To these people the ideology is the center of the universe while the world revolves around their ideologies. The truth is that capitalism is the center of the universe and the people who have firm ideologies are actually the ones in orbit. Their ideologies are their rationalizations for the fact that they are orbiting. Likewise the earth is rotating around the sun but we do not feel it.  The ability to command influence is actually greater when one becomes more realistic about the world’s inner motion.  It allows for more precise planning instead of lofty idealism.

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