The Racial Merry-Go-Round

: December 26, 2017

Freeway Rick Ross (the real one, not the rapper) saw cocaine as a White privilege.   He saw it as something Whites had access to, while Blacks only had access to PCP and Heroin.   Then he figured out that there was a market for crack and was influential in its boom in popularity in inner cities.   This is an analogy towards Blacks and capitalism.   Non-Whites have taken a blast of what they thought was a White Privilege.  Black people finally gained access to the White paradise of the free market and learned that their paradise was actually hell.  Many have escaped plantation slavery only to enter wage slavery and unemployment, while being hit with bills and higher costs of living.   They soon learned that the powerful Blacks also serve finance capital just like the powerful Whites.

Barack Obama took power but did he end poverty?  No.  Did he end imperialism?  No.   Did he end layoffs and firings?  No.  Did he end racism?  No.   Take it back to the civil rights movement and yes, the civil rights movement allowed Black people access to White society.  However, that White society did not get any better just because it became multiracial.   The only thing that will make the society better is a critique of capitalism.  As the song by Insane Clown Posse called echo side goes, Damien escaped out of the back door of hell only to walk in the front gates.

It will eventually become clear to Blacks that Black officers shoot Black people and that Black criminals kill black people.  Likewise, it will be clear that White officers shoot White people and that White criminals kill White people.  Of course, these events cross racial lines as well, but it is an unforgivable error to not critique capitalism just because you think you can tweak the demographics involved.  The same will become obvious to Whites.  When the merry-go-round moved from Obama to Trump, it remained the same sadistic ride and the same amusement park continued to get paid.

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