The Masses

: December 23, 2017

A key thing to understand about human beings is that a large inferior subsection of human beings is filled with herd animals. If they see that you have somehow come into conflict with the herd, their gut instinct is to throw you under the bus instead of to see if they can make an ally. We should not give the masses any more credit than this, they are not creative geniuses who are avoiding a genuine threat.  The economic one percent is NOT the intellectual one percent.  Furthermore, most employers are not even part of the one percent but part of small businesses and yet they instinctively side against good people whenever there is the slightest controversy.

Far right activists will always point out that pressure groups get people fired from jobs.  Many of these activists will focus on Jewish pressure groups.  However, as Constantin Von Hoffmeister points out, if Jews demand one thing and Gentiles follow, then Gentiles are chiefly to blame.  Something is deeply wrong with the average person and something is deeply flawed with our society.   If lifeboats were out in the ocean, society would not say “it’s your fault, sink” and drive the nearby ship away but that is how capitalism works and how it is intentionally designed and supported.  The masses intentionally offer up people as sacrifices at the slightest sign of adversity and most business owners intellectually are part of the masses.  These hurdles are not unbeatable or impossible to overcome, but do not kid yourself, these hurdles do exist for anyone who speaks truth to power.

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