Gender: Liberalism vs. Socialism

: December 9, 2017

As stated earlier, the idea that picking winners and losers in our current system is similar to socialism is incorrect.   Even under socialism and other systems, people are going to need to be skilled in the jobs they do.  Instead of focusing on making nursing a majority male profession and computer programming a majority female profession, women should focus on changing the economic system so that no one is left behind regardless of profession.  Men do not deserve to lose their jobs because certain professions are “too male” any more than 100m dash champions deserve to have their medals taken away because the results are “too black.”

With non-sporting professions, high performance is needed.   This is not solely a result of feminism and attacks on White privilege, but there is a growing movement against merit as professions turn to office jobs where favors and politics are getting people too far.   To be clear, in many instances this is not related to gender or race.  Often it is a person hiring his friend and firing a good employee or a recruiter promoting an unskilled person for having “more experience,” but in general, increasingly there is an attitude that performance is secondary and “social fit” is primary.  It goes without saying that such a model is not sustainable long term.  This was obvious when the American economy was manufacturing based, but as we switch to the servicing model this is still unsustainable, just less obviously so.  Similar to other forms of anti-merit thinking, equal representation in the actual lines of work (instead of providing for everyone regardless of profession) is a result of the movement against merit.

Money and effort should not be going to fight pointless wars in Iraq, it should instead be going to the poor.  This is progressive thinking, thinking that every female needs to be a computer programmer is not going to deal with the inherent problems of our economic system, nor is it an essential goal of socialism.   Any futuristic thinking person would oppose ideas that women should be uneducated or illiterate, but the idea that equal representation in the actual lines of work is more socialist than it is capitalist has no basis in theory or common sense.

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