Baby Boomers’ Fruits

: December 6, 2017

On a generalist, large macro scale, baby boomers gave millennials a world of trash and then shifted the blame downwards onto millennials. In the office microcosm the same thing often happens locally. Often a baby boomer manager will hire a millenial worker and then shift the blame downwards onto him, performance and actual merit and evidence be damned.

The four most harmful ideas promoted by baby boomers:

  • 1) Reganism / extreme free market capitalism
  • 2) Substituting attacks on “White privilege” for critiques of point 1. They imply that a White person in Appalachia should be blamed for actions of “the 1%” because the White person is “racist” and “uneducated.”
  • 3) Blaming Millennials for the results of above.
  • 4) Using code language and promoting excessive experience based screening in hiring to enact the punishment that they assigned to millennials as a result of point 3.

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