White Privilege

: November 28, 2017

The difference between being a class based leftist and being a person who is against “White privilege” (which implies that White workers should be displaced) is enough to not be part of the same movement. I do not work with people whose primary talking point is White privilege and do not consider them to be class based leftists.  If there is a feminist equivalent of the White privilege crowd, I do not work with that equivalent either.

To be clear Whites as a group have more power than Blacks as a group.  However, Whites are divided by class as are Males, as are Females, as are Christians, as are Buddhists, as are Blacks.  Anyone who denies that all these groups have internal class divisions is blatantly at odds with Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.

Replacing working class Whites Males with outsourced jobs and non-Whites and women is not Marxism.  Marxism is about remaking the entire economy, not picking winners and losers.  This sort of deviation is just as much a deviation as a right wing deviation, just by a different group of people and in a different yet similar direction.

While Bernie Sanders is not a Marxist and is a FDR style Social democrat, this is an area where Bernie is basically on the right track.  Sanders talks about remaking the entire economy and lifting the entire working class.  This is what separates someone like Bernie Sanders from someone like Hillary Clinton.  Clinton openly defends free markets.  Because of that the only thing Clinton can do is pick winners and losers in the free market system.  These position are not the same or interchangeable.

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