Law, Order and Class

: November 10, 2017

I find it interesting how for the most part the people with access to economic power support the law, because without the law they’d have trouble stopping a sort of mass riot against them. Yet when the law turns against them they really do fear it. I’m just observing what I see. For instance an employer will fight tooth and nail against a legal decision that an employee is entitled to unemployment benefits and not a “contractor” and will tremble when they realized that they’ve run afoul of laws regarding background checks (such as rejecting someone for a crime not related to the job, when the crime was disclosed).

Law and order are only good when they’re used to harm working class people.

I knew that employers can be fickle and self centered, but I never anticipated the degree that employers go out of their way to step on employees.    I honestly feel that in many ways the free market system has not taken away corruption but just moved it from the public sector to the private sector. When you’re going through school you sort of are fed an idealized version of America where everyone advances to their own merit and gets their just due.   When you hit the real world you realize that the market system is pretty substantially unfair and that people on the top and bottom do not necessarily deserve their position there.

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