Liberators or Invaders?

: October 16, 2017

It is important to show that the average Iraqi – not just the extremist – and not just the Saddam Hussein supporter wanted us out of Iraq. Here is the data.

Apologists for the invasion will argue that American troops were welcomed as liberators against a dictator, but polling data in 2008 indicates otherwise. In addition, quotes from more recent figures will show the diversity of forces that hold this position.

Average Iraqi

In March of this year ORB conducted a poll for the British Channel 4, asking Iraqis what they would like to see happen with the Multinational Forces. Seventy percent said they want the Multi National Forces to leave, with 78 percent of this group wanting them to leave within six months or less and 84 percent within a year. Thus about six in ten of the whole sample said they want the troops out within a year or less.

A disturbingly high 61 percent of Iraqis said that they approved of attacks on US troops.

From an Iraqi Ba’athist Perspective

It seems that the authorities in the US are motivated by aggression that has been evident for more than a decade against the region. The first factor is the role of those influential people in the decision taken by the President of the US based on sympathy with the Zionist entity that was created at the expense of Palestine and its people and their humanity. – Saddam Hussein

The consecutive American administrations were led down a path of hostility against the people of this region, including our own nation and we are part of it. Those people and others have been telling the various US administrations, especially the current one, that if you want to control the world you need to control the oil. – Saddam Hussein

It seems to me that this hostility is a trademark of the current US administration and is based on its wish to control the world and spread its hegemony. People have the right to say that if this aggression by the American administration continues, it would lead to widespread enmity and resistance. – Saddam Hussein

From a Syrian Ba’athist Perspective:

Article 1

Isis “didn’t start in Syria, it started in Iraq, and it started before that in Afghanistan” – Bashar Assad

Article 2

He (Assad) accused the French government and others (meaning Americans) of “supporting those jihadists that they called moderate opposition.”

The people who are supported now, who have Western armaments, they became ISIS, they were supported by your state [France], and by other Western states. – Bashar Assad

From the perspective of the Iraqi Regime

We do not need foreign ground combat forces on Iraqi land. – Haider al-Abbadi

Shiite Miltas on Americans:

Shi’ite militias pledge to fight U.S. forces if deployed

edit: The original article on the demo website went further, however I decided to cut it short. Basically it was advice about what to do involving backing a non-unilateral approach driven by the native populations, but the most specific points of the advice are already outdated. It was written with a “Jury is out” mentality towards Trump and the Jury is no longer out, on the 12th of February 2016.  By the next article on the 28th of February 2016, the position on the demo website was clearly that Trump was not sincere in his anti-intervention activism, but that there were still “worse is better” arguments to knock off Hillary Clinton, who was a better spokesperson for the imperialist cause.  The main point involving strategy was that America could not lead, America would not be trusted even if sincere so pulling back is more helpful if America really wants to help and that various powers need to reconcile so that those people all rid their countries of terrorists instead of fighting each other.  Basically the Hussein / Al-Douri wing of the Ba’ath Party and Assad wing need to agree that the fight is to drive out terrorists, as opposed to hating each other as much as they hate the terrorists (which causes a stalemate situation where ISIL can continue to divide one side against the other).   Since we know Trump has no interest in helping and his intentions are clear by now, it is better not to copy the entire original post but post this edit instead.

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