Intersection and Class

: October 12, 2017

What do the Weinstein scandal, the firing of people who argued against the build up to the Iraq war, the blacklisting of Colin Kaepernick and the threat to remove Goldman Sachs employees who supported Trump have in common?  It is not politics.   Trump supporters are not politically aligned to Kaepernick.   It is class. The elephant in the room is class.  What is in common is that the people who gain access to ownership over businesses abuse the power that they gain.


Not every business does this, but the “free market” system is what enables it to be done.  Analogously, not every Supercell Thunderstorm makes a Tornado, but they make many Tornadoes possible.  These abuses of power happen even at a lower level.  Employees are classified as contractors, then have their unemployment benefits contested.  Employers give negative references to former employees when they seek future employment.   People who are workers, peasants or unemployed must become conscious of what they have in common.

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