False Hope and Democrats

: October 12, 2017

What has to be understood is that the Democrats had three main reactions to George W Bush’s Iraq invasion (we will leave out Afghanistan here):
1) One group pretty much went along with Bush
2) Another group opposed the invasion, but said it was a “mistake.”
3) Yet another group opposed the invasion not as a mistake but as a pattern of the US bullying the world.

What has happened is that people in category 3 get their hopes up that various candidates are in the same category, when they’re actually category 2. People like Howard Dean and Barack Obama fully support US imperialism, they just think the Iraq war was bad strategically.

Hillary Clinton, however, could not fool anyone as well as Dean or Obama could.

Donald Trump has no consistency at all. There are some Republicans like Ron Paul who fall into the third category.

The problem is that the second category grew stronger after George W Bush and the third category got weaker.   Also, Bernie Sanders is a 2.5, not a 3.

Note that I never personally was fooled by Obama.   Back in the days of Free Media Productions it was clear that none of us were fooled.

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