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Stance on Abortion

: January 27, 2020

I don’t believe outlawing abortion would work unless you went 100% police state. And even though I think the fetus is alive, I’m not willing to make that trade off. I think the best thing you can do is get rid of poverty.

In the same way, if you harassed every driver, you’d catch a few who are dui, but most people don’t want that trade off.

My stance is essentially pro-life by economic incentives only, because I don’t see how you can go police state on that but not on other issues.  My stance is not that abortion is just health care or that I desire to increase the number.

More on Unions

: January 24, 2020

Unions need to gain power and then they need to say that discrimination for political stance (real or imagined) is just something that won’t be tolerated with no response. And this includes for instance white tech workers who correctly believe their jobs are unfairly being given to Indians who aren’t playing a merit based game but supporting their own race. It includes people who may criticize certain foreign policies, or support Palestinians. Unions need to realize that employers who try to eliminate people for their private off the job political stances are part of a system that is at war with the working class.

A Union Strategy?

: January 23, 2020

I want to start a union that defends people who
1) are critical of the US-Israel relationship
2) speak out against reverse racism and national origin discrimination.

Most states do not defend the right to engage in political activity and not be fired but if people started doing everything in the name of a labor union – the employers who then fire members of that union would be hit with some heavy law suits. Labor activity is protected – nationally.

It would essentially invert on employers what they’ve done to us for expressing our political opinions. Pressure groups would beg employers to fire political dissidents and the only person who would end up getting hurt is the person who does the firing.

Foreign Policy (Biden, Trump and More)

: January 22, 2020

Some misguided people are arguing that if Biden beats Bernie, then Trump is the better choice on foreign policy.

Biden was mislead by false information on Iraq. He didn’t lie, he didn’t know. Since then, he has taken reasonable stances on foreign policy issues.

Trump on the other hand is a fire starter who tries to fire up his base instead of making the right decisions.
Biden opposed the Libya no fly zone.
Biden opposed the “red line” in Syria.
Biden supported the nuclear deal negotiated by John Kerry to have regular inspections over Iran. Clinton was against it until it became politically impossible for her to oppose it.
Biden openly says that the evidence that the killing of general Soleimani was self-defense is lacking.
Biden at times speaks up for Palestinians.

Trump killed an Iranian general just so he could tweet “we killed the son of a bitch” like he wants NFL leaders to say “get that son of a bitch out of here he’s fired” when they fire players who kneel.
Trump pardoned people convicted of war crimes.
Trump repeatedly says that he’s “taking the oil” and if not that he’s staying for Israel.
Trump’s 3 year pedal to the metal then sudden shift of troops from Syria to west Iraq (Pennsylvania to New Jersey) was a mockery of a common sense pull out.
Trump pulled out of the Iranian deal that Kerry made for no good reason. He repeatedly says Iran was given huge amounts of free money. They were only having their frozen assets returned.
Trump’s position on Israel is asinine.
Trump lies when he says he opposed the Iraq war, opposed the Libya no fly zone.
Trump threatens to veto the bill that Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Susan Collins support, which require him to debate a war with Iran with congress. He has vetoed another similar resolution on Yemen.
Trump said during his campaign that he has to “surprise” and be unpredictable.

In the Obama administration, it was Biden vs Clinton. Afterwards John Kerry and Biden saw eye to eye. Obama used Biden to get elected (Biden does well in rural areas for a Democrat) and then had a tense relationship with him.

Biden and Sanders have a relatively friendly relationship for being rivals.

Clinton on the other hand has a lousy relationship with Sanders.

Joe Lieberman was a loser and exactly what was wrong with establishment democrats. Anything to get a minority on the ticket, even if he has foreign policy views that belong in the other party.

Hillary Clinton (female) is another “should be Republican” on foreign policy.

Comments on Trump and Impeachment

: January 22, 2020

I would have some respect if republicans argued one of two things:
1) What Trump did on the Ukraine was wrong, but it doesn’t rise to the level of removal from office. We’ll just sort of put Trump on probation.
2) Trump was wrong, but Biden was also wrong. Neither should be manipulating foreign countries. And since Obama and Biden got away with it, Trump shouldn’t be held to another standard, because he was driving with the flow of traffic so to speak.

But what they argue is that Trump didn’t try to personally gain from this and it’s ridiculous.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

: January 19, 2020

When it comes to holding our leaders accountable for unnecessarily military strikes, the mentality cannot be “innocent until proven guilty” especially with someone who is a blowhard and braggart like Trump.

Our mentality has to be guilty until proven innocent. Unless we see strong evidence that there is a threat, we assume your justification is a cover up.

Trump, GW Bush and Oneupmansship

: January 18, 2020

I feel what GWB and Trump have in common is that both are trying to “one up” others. Bush was trying to one up his father. His father was involved in a multi national coalition to get Saddam out of Kuwait, and correctly stopped short of regime change. GWB had to go further. Though it’s possible that he really believed the WMD stuff.

Trump is one upping Obama on the red line in Syria, on undoing the Iranian nuclear deal which was skillfully negotiated by John Kerry after Obama correctly got rid of Hillary Clinton as secretary of defense.

Democrats Smarter in 2020 than 2016

: January 15, 2020

The Democrats are being smarter in 2020 then 2016. In 2016, the attitude was that Trump was committing some great sin by reaching out to forgotten rural white people. You don’t give those people a voice, it’s just wrong.

But now the attitude is more that the sin isn’t that he reached out to those people, but that then he sold them out.

Populism has Failed

: January 15, 2020

Populism has failed. What populism has shown is that the patriotic American people, with just a little working and twisting, can be made to support wars of aggression. I have hopes for Democrats because they aren’t as patriotic as Republicans. Patriotism isn’t a good thing.

Biden on Trump’s Iran Policy (and my response)

: January 14, 2020


This is basically what I’ve said. The Iran deal worked and Trump tore it up for political showmanship. All the things he said “we’re giving Iran x dollars for nothing” “it gives them a path to a nuclear weapon” were not true. Iran had frozen assets – it was their money. Most people gave him a pass on this during the election, because he kept talking about being America first and anti-interventionist, but now he’s pushing the issue and thus forcing people to respond to it.

Also killing a high ranking general isn’t an even response to the death of a private contractor who went to the middle east for his own profit and the idea that it is preemption is being discredited more every day.