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On Guaranteed Job

: September 23, 2020

It’s necessary for the Government to guarantee everyone a job – even a useless job like holding doors open, if nothing else to prevent abusive employers from teaming up in the private sector and give every employee a potential exit that bad references can’t stop. UBI can coexist.

White Privilege or Nepotism

: September 22, 2020

My view of white privilege would be sort of like a relay but nobody is wiling to pass the baton to someone who isn’t white. I don’t think that’s what is happening.

What is happening is everyone is running a circle, a few running a good race, but their laps aren’t being counted. A few lazy people are sitting on the finish line taking credit for being their first without running the laps. And then because they aren’t keeping track, maybe 20% of the people are given favors with no relation to how they actually ran.

That’s not white privilege, that’s nepotism.

White Privilege – Corporate Propaganda

: September 21, 2020

Here is the problem with talking about “white privilege.” It’s corporate propaganda and it’s used to justify every layoff, set back, or wrong doing that is done to white workers. Talk like this is what got Trump elected.

To say we have white privilege grossly understates our problem. We have a cancerous and greedy economic system that is in fact failing at least 90% of younger than Baby Boomer White People. To say we have white privilege implies that our system works, but we need to be open minded, and spread it more. No it doesn’t work, and the more you say that, the more you harm white workers and ruin their careers.

Osama Bin Laden vs. Our Corporate Leaders

: September 13, 2020

When you think about it, Osama Bin Laden isn’t much different from our corporate leaders. What they have in common is that they both think corporations are more important than people. one in a negative sense, one in a positive sense.

Unions and the Middle Class

: September 7, 2020

Our problem, in American society right now, is that labor has unilaterally disarmed. The working class has wrongly believed that “good will” and “fair play” created the middle class in America. That’s not true, what created the middle class in America was the political penalty for destroying it. As soon as we stopped acting as a group and started being just separated individuals looking to get a paycheck, corporate america took advantage and destroyed our careers. The only non-violent path to retribution against monopolized corporate america is unionization and labor organization. You can’t fight back against corporations as an individual – they’ll easily just blow you off. You can only do it by mass organization.


Happy Labor Day.

Trump and Corporate Dictatorship

: September 4, 2020

Ultimately Trump does represent the anger of people who want to tear everything down, but what they don’t realize is that anarchism is exactly what will allow monopoly corporations to further consolidate their dictatorship. What left we have of a pro worker government is all that slows them.

“Free Markets”

: September 3, 2020

“free markets” don’t mean freedoms for you. They may freedom for some fat fuck ceo who is now free to be more abusive and possibly cut your income off altogether.

Corporate Rule and Current Racial Tension

: August 31, 2020

A country that turns people into cogs on a wheel working for corporations and then leaves the rest in poverty gets the racial warfare America is getting now. Humans aren’t human anymore.

Liberal vs. Populist Democrats

: August 31, 2020

FDR style populist Democrats and Liberal Democrats really have irreconcilable differences on race. Liberals support the “woke” CEO who fires or lays off the white worker – especially if the white worker has the wrong politics.

Race Activists and Cancel Culture

: August 31, 2020

“Race activists” who try to get Whites who disagree with them fired are an immediate problem for White Workers. I can understand why many vote Republican, because of cancel culture threatening their jobs. It’s not just in media, it’s even regular people they want to “Tucker Carlson” (they failed).