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Far Left Far Right Synthesis

: July 17, 2018

Around the year 2007, 2008, the idea of a far left far right synthesis was popular.   These days it is not very popular and I have some opinions about why this contrast exists.  The short cliff note : the “right wingers” who proposed the idea were simply adapting to the audience around them at the time and were not interested in truly understanding the far left ideas.   When the audience changed, they then sought to approval of stormfront.org style posters and thus engaged in the sort of sloganeering and low brow content associated with the right wing.  These people do not want to understand the difference between a leftist and a liberal, the difference between various philosophies and ideas within the left.   They simply want to say “bolshevik this, bolshevik that.”

…… to be continued

Circumstances around the Romanov Execution

: July 16, 2018

An important issue around the execution of the Imperial Family (of which today is the anniversary) is whether it was ordered out by local people around the Ural area or by the orders of an important Bolshevik figure (Such as Stalin, Lenin and “Trotsky”).  At the time Trotsky was important, even though criticisms can be made about him later.

The sources seem to be at a stalemate.   Some people claim they can prove that Lenin ordered the execution of the entire family (they cannot prove this), other people are unsure and hedge and others claim to know that it is impossible that Lenin ordered the killing and claim that Lenin instead wanted to have a trial for only Nicholas and not his family.


The Mainstream Synthesis

: July 9, 2018

Democrats trust the media, school system, society in general too much.

Republicans worship “free markets” too much.


A person who took the distrust of the media from Republicans and took the lack of enthusiasm for free markets from Democrats would be better off.  This would be true even if one stayed within relatively mainstream politics.

Collectivism vs. Nationalism

: July 7, 2018

Nationalism should be understood based on its dictionary definition.  It means pulling everyone together under a flag.    Nationalism is about class collaboration.   That is what the word means to most people.   Some ethnic activists talk about “white nationalism” or “black nationalism.”   That is really racialism and should not be called nationalism.

Nationalism, as defined by most people, is not something that should be sought after in countries which are engaged in imperialism due to greed, jingoism and selling out to pressure groups.  Nationalism, in these countries, would demand a compromise between the supporters of imperialism and the opponents of imperialism.  Such a compromise would surrender basic principles.

When people see that you are opposing nationalism, they may interpret it as a Libertarian bend.   However, collectivism can exist without nationalism.   The collectivism of the main proletariat and peasant classes and fellow travelers against the profiteers and sell outs.

In countries which are being plundered, nationalism may be logical for a time.   For instance most would agree that Mao Tse-Tung was right to ally with Chiang Kai-shek to drive the Japanese out of China.  At that point the peasantry/proletariat were tied to the bourgeoisie in a common interest of expelling the invader.   However, even in these situations it is only a short term alliance.

Republicans, Democrats, Media

: July 5, 2018

Source Here:

Democrats and Republicans both ultimately serve the same international corporate masters, but they do not necessarily carry the same thought process.  You can in some ways say that the two parties target two different segments of society and lead them down the same enslaved path.


Monopolies and Lobbyists

: July 5, 2018

The basic thesis of America is that free markets will essentially share power and make society more democratic.  This is totally wrong, because the end result of free markets is a relative monopoly, because eventually the market reaches a saturation point. At this point a small number of international corporations rule like totalitarian dictators.  Organized lobbyists worm their way into play as well, which is very possible in a society that is ruled with a class structure.


Social Democrat Bernie Sanders Can Win

: July 1, 2018

The reasons that Sanders can win:
1) He’s not a socialist, if he was, he’d be plotting a revolution instead of running for office.
2) The people who hear the word “socialist” and immediately turn away have voted Republican for a long time. These are voters that Sanders never would have gotten.
3) white working class voters who abandoned Clinton will vote for sanders. not at 50%. But enough of them to tip it back.

I predict that if Bernie Sanders is nominated, he will defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election.  I predicted that Trump would win the nomination and leaned towards him winning the election at a time when most people thought Hillary had it in the bag.  I predict now – 7/1/2018 – that if Sanders is nominated (which will require a fair process), he will defeat Donald Trump.  He will be like FDR and not a revolutionary, because he is taking power legally.


Addressing Anti-Communist Lines

: June 30, 2018

Table Below


“Nazi” as Manipulative Smear

: June 14, 2018

The tactic of the sycophant pro-Israel lobby and its bandwagonner followers.

1) Accuse political dissidents of being neo-nazis.
2) Use measured and reasoned criticisms of the lobby as “evidence” for point 1.
3) Deny people employment and smear them. Think that people targeted will cower because they do not want the whole thing to “come out” and because even more employment can be denied in the future, through market monopolization and a buddy system of “reference calls.”

Market monopolization plays a big role in making this possible.

The Domino

: June 14, 2018

What many have trouble wrapping their minds around is that as narrow as extreme racialism is, the people who target them are worse because they are just targeting low hanging fruit so they can get the ball rolling. After they target the extreme racialists, next they will come for more accepting dissidents like you and me. Crucial to their strategy is that the more accepting people do not realize this and think we are secure.  If we believe this, we may tolerate the adverse actions against people who are being targeted, with a false sense that particularist racialist ideology is the only concern here and not realizing that non-conformity is as much as a concern from the perspective of the monopolists who abuse corporate, political and military power.

It will go like this:

  1. The racialists will be targeted.
  2. Critics of Israel will be targeted.  (they thought they were safe during phase 1)
  3. Critics of Imperialist Foreign Policy will be targeted (they they they were safe during phase 1 and 2)
  4. Anyone who criticizes corporate behavior will be targeted (they thought they were safe during phases 1, 2 and 3)

Think of yourself as a chess player who needs to see more than one move ahead. There is a domino planned and you are part of that domino (regardless of your ethnic background).