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Comments on Homosexuality and Politics

: December 3, 2020

There are two main reasons everyone wants homosexuality to be something other than a choice.
1) If homosexuality is a choice but we don’t discriminate against it, then we shouldn’t be able to discriminate against people for other choices, like their political views. In other words we wouldn’t be able to have a coastal liberal elite that is bigoted against social conservatives.
2) I think women kind of wouldn’t know how to react if men just one day said “game over, I’m converting.” But I got another thing. I use the calvinism to say it’s a sin to be with women.

Counter Cancel Culture

: November 30, 2020

The only solution to cancel culture is to create a group of bullies who destroy any business that gives into cancel culture. Kind of a counter cancel culture. For instance if Mel Gibson is fired, you destroy the company that hired and fired him.

edit: So many people who promote cancel culture are completely ignorant about history and its complexities. That the cancel culture is creeping away from historical figures and now is affecting actual layman workers is unacceptable and the response to it will be harsh.

Lenin, Stalin, Right, Left

: November 29, 2020

Vladimir Lenin was considered a right wing deviation inside of marxism. So was Josef Stalin. They both rejected basically the anti nationalism and hatred for ethnic Russians of extreme leftists.

What Harmed Conservative Democrats?

: November 29, 2020

One thing that killed conservative Democrats was the Iraq war. Because a lot of conservative Democrats did not take the correct stance and believed in the wmd program. Afterwards, they lost credibility. But, we can come back. These cycles are temporary.

“Check Yourself”

: November 27, 2020

I think whites who are too anti racist actually lose the respect of non-whites, because non-whites start to realize that their professed antiracist statements do nothing on economics. It’s only a minority that support the aggressive “check yourself” stuff.

Why Centrism?

: November 27, 2020

Liberals want to ally with corporations against the white working class. That’s the simplest way of explaining my centrism, and why I think left deviations lead people to the same place as right deviations. It was true in Russia too, except “white” wasn’t the identity.

Everything starts to make sense when you realize that liberals view white workers as deplorable racists. They’re not seeking the construction worker or truck driver or even the white computer programmer. It’s a mistake to associate liberals with a class based idea.

Only centrists can support the ethnic majority working class. Leftists will deviate due to points around race and identity politics, and rightists will deviate in a more overt way to the business class.

Centrist Ideas Against Supply Siding

: November 27, 2020

I believe a good centrist would allow people who delusionaly believe they’ve gotten ahead on their own merits to keep on with their delusion, but would sort of secretively bring economic “losers” out of poverty without hurting the poor egos of rich people.

If you believe that human beings don’t always do the right thing, that power corrupts, that people who lose don’t always lose graciously, that people who get ahead can cut others down – it’s a pretty strong argument against trickle down economics without a demand side system.

Liberals who talk about systemic racism don’t really see the forest, they just see the trees.  None of these ideas have anything to do with the liberal critiques that talk about systemic racism.

Become the Hunter

: November 27, 2020

Millennials are weak and stupid. Back in the day, politics lead to literal civil wars. First the revolutionary war. Then southerners literally broke off the united states and people actually died as a result of it.

Now white millennials think they can play nice with cancel culture and liberals. They think that if they throw a few bones, that the corporate abuses will stop.

I got news for you, nothing changes until you become the hunter – you become the bully. You become the person who dishes instead of receives.

Liberals Misleading Democrats

: November 27, 2020

I was one of the few people who wasn’t stupid enough to fail to realize that allying with blacks lives matter was a dumb thing to do, that liberalism is the wrong direction, that Pelosi’s “war on trump” was stupid, and that Democrats of yesterday had it right and democrats of today have it wrong. And it was proven by the fact that Trump should have been soundly defeated and Republicans gained a bunch of seats.

Not for Ignoring Middle America

: November 27, 2020

I reject any ideology that aims to increase the immigrant count in big cities, then increase the federal government, then weaken the states and have the cities ruling over the rural areas. I want demand side economics with the support of rural people.