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Racial Equal Capitalism (lol)

: August 6, 2020

Democrats lose me when they talk about making capitalism more racially equal. It means they 1) are okay with radical globalized capitalism as long as there are more black/brown profiteers. 2) wrongly imply that the majority of young whites are in a respectable class position.

If class divisions went away, the gap between the super rich and the poor, then the result would be roughly racial equality because the class division wouldn’t be there. Any other kind of racial equality is a bullshit scam, just changing who is rich and who is poor.

edit: We need a third party that represents the working class instead of an attempt to defend the rich (republicans) or change the racial structure of the rich (democrats).

Religion vs Economic Reactionaries

: August 6, 2020

People who question our economics behaviors are a lot like people who questioned why religion was obviously a made up lie during the dark ages. The response was obviously reactionary to it, which shows our economic system to be as based on falsehoods as the idea that the earth is only a few thousand years old or that “god” invented various words in a particular language and named them.

Privilege is not Even

: August 1, 2020

I thought of a good analogy to explain why I think white privilege is over stated. Because it’s not spread evenly (and what about the fact that many Whites at the top aren’t Gentiles).

Here’s the analogy. In general, maybe some phenom will change this, but if you take the top 5 100 meter dash people in the world, they’re all black. If you take the top 10 maybe one White person breaks into it. The 200 is a little more competitive, a White guy might be in the top 3.

But the point is, you take two random people off the street, a black person, and a white person, and neither of them are close to that top 10.

And it’s the same thing with economic position.

On Black Lives Matter and Liberal Diversions

: July 29, 2020

Imagine if we were in Russia, but a movement came basically saying that Russians needed to give up their privilege and be more accommodating to Jews, Georgians, Ukrainians etc. This obviously inverts the class position of the average Russian and destroys the revolution.


The purpose of black lives matter, which is a corporate sponsored movement, is to convince young whites that instead of being economic victims of an older generation and corporate greed, that instead, despite their poverty, they’re beneficiaries of white privilege. It’s reactionary.

People need to reject two things:
1) Americaness, patriotism, and flag waving.

2) False solutions like Black Lives Matter.


The liberal diversion technique seems to be to find out the majority or insider ethnic group, and to try to convince members of that group that they’re part of the in group economically because they’re part of the in group racially. Causes Denial of True Class Position.


Liberals try to sustain capitalism by convincing the majority of whites that they’re part of the minority of elites, by creating a sense that these Whites still oppress non-whites. Because it’s trying to make Joe the Plumber into Joe the oppressor, totally opposed to a genuine revolution.

The Racial Royal Rumble (Screw the Poor)

: July 26, 2020

The idea that you can throw all the racial groups together in a ring and then say “hands off, no need for rules and regulation” is the mentality of a royal rumble in WWE. The fact is there have to be rules so poor people can make their way up the ladder.

One big thing is that our generation is starting to realize that it’s a homicide, not a suicide. We didn’t trip on ladder, it was kicked away by someone else. And then we can decide to rebel against those people.

Pulling the Ladder Up

: July 26, 2020

Boomers will defend the right of Blacks and Whites to drink at the same water fountain, but won’t defend the rights of either to have enough money to afford the trip to the water fountain.

Boomers are willing to feign tolerance and open-mindedness when the issue is an issue socially but not economically. Yes they want blacks and whites to eat at the same restaurants.

But when it comes to economic issues and poor people, suddenly they pull the ladder up.

The real problem is that all your civil rights in the world doesn’t make poor people middle class.



Standing up to the Mob

: July 26, 2020

This is a problem. 50% of “liberals” think it’s within their rights to fire and ruin the careers of Trump supporters, and 32% think the same of Biden with “conservatives” (terms liberal and conservative used loosely).

You have no such right to ruin someone’s bank account because your petty feelings are hurt.

30 years from now, I’ll be one of the few people who will be remembered for saying that political bullying and firing of employees for their political views is a private sector abuse of power and not a progressive cause.


Video with Obama on Deregulation

: July 22, 2020

This video calls out Reagan’s deregulation of big business without calling him by name. Because FDR was the “big one” and Reagan was “the other big one.”

Anarchists Calling Themselves Leftists

: July 19, 2020

Harpal Brar says it best – is it the machinery of the state the is the problem, or is it capitalism that is the problem? No matter what label someone uses, this is the difference between a true leftist and an anarchist – we have a lot of anarchists posing as leftists.

Boomer Liberals and White Millennials

: July 16, 2020

Boomer liberals are going to get a rude awakening when they find out white millennials care about their own disadvantaged economic plight, as opposed to accept anti-racism to the point boomer liberals think they do.