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Power Abusing Employers

: November 11, 2019

I remember 10 years ago the ethic definitely was never complain about an employer. Before Harvey Weinstein, before Trump, before Bernie Sanders.
But what happened is that the abuses of power have just become so rampant that people who had no intention of complaining have just been forced to. What else are you supposed to do when someone hires you then 6 month later suddenly fires you to either hire an Indian off an h1-b visa, favor their friend, or out of disagreeing with your politics? If that’s not an abuse of power nothing is.

Ron Reagan

: November 10, 2019

What few people point out is that the son of Ronald Reagan, Ron Reagan, is an atheist and a hardcore leftist who endorsed Bernie Sanders and thought Bush cheated into the white house (his Dad was still alive when W got elected the first time).

You have to wonder if senior Reagan would change his free market stuff if he saw the corporate abuses of power that exist today. Back then it was all about hippies and stuff, nobody thought that free markets could cause suffering.

I do believe Ron Reagan at this point is electable. He said he could not because of atheism, but the country has changed. A lot of Jews are basically atheists. It is possible that Bernie is an atheist but I cannot speak against him if he says otherwise.

Rural Whites and Small Government

: November 10, 2019

One problem I see (and it cost Democrats in 2016) is that by taking such a radical anti-government and therefore pro big business position, rural whites have allowed whites to become a punching bag in the Democratic Party – especially white males. Rural Whites have to understand that opposing big government means supporting big business.

Rural whites receive this because Democrats figure they are going to lose the white vote anyways, so they might as well energize some non-whites who have a grievance against whites. If Whites had just maintained a position against large corporations, this reverse racism would be shut down, because Democrats would fear losing white voters.

The truth is, though, that it still happened. Clinton did atrociously with white rural people, much worse than Obama. What they wrongfully call white privilege is just rural whites voting against their own class interests.

To add, I believe whites have to play tough with these reverse racists but it is not logical to be Republican. In some ways I like that Trump exposed this, that this “use the minorities as a battering ram against whites” strategy costs Democrats in important states if the Republican then comes in as a champion of whites.

McCarthyism Against Political Correctness

: November 5, 2019

There is a form of corporate McCarthyism that is against racism and political incorrectness and it’s worse than the old McCarthyism about communism. What makes it McCarthyism is that many people accused of violating it haven’t really violated it but were just in the wrong place at the wrong time (they may have argued with two or three racialists or something like that).

It’s disgusting and anyone who is fired because they’re wrongly accused of promoting perhaps neo-facism or the the alt right deserves an apology. But I’ll go a step further. Even people who are promoting those ideologies and aren’t making illegal threats still shouldn’t be fired for it if they do it off the job. Which I would not fall into that category.

Right to be Forgotten – Google

: November 3, 2019


This shows the different between europe and america. Europe takes the stance that certain information needs to removed because it will be abused, in particular by employers who use search engines to learn things that don’t come up in the interview.

The US is more like free speech, free speech, free speech.

I would like to sympathize with the American view, but I’ve learned that people can’t be trusted to be adults with sensitive information.: If something negative comes up under a search for your first and last name, job offers will be pulled and it will come up nearly every interview.

That isn’t fair and free speech may have to take a back seat because people aren’t mature enough to keep it out of their employment decisions.

I’m in favor of some sort of warning being on the front page: “Google is not a background check engine and you may not use this in your employment hiring decisions.”
And then there should be law suits that are actually upheld, not sort of casually dismissed by judges.

When something like this happens, your respect for humanity plummets. You realize that people are really shitty and disloyal and will discard you over a google search result that perhaps shows that you posted on some forum or had a misdemeanor. You realize that people are like stupid sheep. Not only that, they’re often wrong, thinking that you had x political view when it’s really y but firing you anyways (but it would be wrong if they were right). I’m not a sheep dog. I hate the sheep. I’m a wolf. Get that straight. If you want to be my friend, you need to know that I’m the wolf that your hero chris kyle rallied against.

Third Worldism

: November 3, 2019

Third worldism is an ultra left deviation which essentially says that nobody in America really suffers from the effects of greed and that even America’s poor and unemployed are still profiteers of imperialism.

It effectively leads to an alliance with Republicans against America’s working class due to the logic that America’s working class is as much an oppressor as its business class.

I sympathize, but disagree, with the view

Sanders, Warren – Paul, Trump

: November 3, 2019

if sanders is ron paul, warren is what people hoped donald trump would be. sanders is the one paving the way with rigid ideological statements, while warren is ever so slightly distancing herself from those statements while still essentially targeting people who support sanders. This strategy of sanders paving the way and then warren leaping over biden with her crypto-socialist approach will work. I predict warren takes the nomination.

I predict sanders ends up somewhere in her administration. One has got to remember that even with hillary’s homecourt advantage and inside rigging, sanders still got 43% of the vote. if warren can just get 10% more she’s over 50, and I think she’ll get that by denying being socialist while sanders voters will still back her because they know it’s word play.

America now has a Left-Right Divide

: October 31, 2019

It’s funny how my main criticism used to be that the two parties were essentially one political party of plutocratic elites.

I truly think that era has ended. What’s happened is that Democrats have realized they can run to the left and now we really have a left right divide in America when before we basically had two free market parties that were controlled by corporations.

Trump, Obama, Red Line

: October 31, 2019

It’s pathetic how people cry and get on a high horse over chemical weapons, when the US drops nuclear bombs. The fact is death is death. If you’re shot you die. If you encounter a chemical weapon you die. If you get stabbed you die.

Assad is cemented in power, the realistic solution is to convince him to rely on Iran less.

I also think America’s accusations of chemical weapons use are never adequately proven.

Obama’s problem isn’t that he failed to follow through on the red line. It’s that he drew it in the first place. He was right to back down, because he never should of drawn it.

Trump air struck for pure political reasons, just to say he did what Obama didn’t. In my opinion that was the 2020 election right there, he lost it.

Hillary Clinton

: October 28, 2019

Hillary thought she was going to ride the wave, win, then spit on the left and set up no fly zones in syria, essentially mock the left and do it as a democrat. She couldn’t have even won the primary without a little home court advantage given to her by the democratic party machine.

I still to this day defend not voting for her, while I continue to back sanders and warren.

The idea that someone can get elected just because it’s “their turn” is getting to be annoying for many people. Obama was the first black president and he didn’t do much for workers. When he bailed out wall street when you got fired, he didn’t help you.