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Bill Gates’ 1st Commandment (Life Isn’t Fair)

: July 8, 2020

Bill Gates had his first commandment. His commandment, and not number 5 or 6, but 1, was “life isn’t fair.”
I feel if you don’t understand that, anything else you have to say is useless. If you don’t get that good people get screwed and bad people get ahead, you’re useless.

9/11 an Inside Job?

: July 7, 2020

I don’t believe 9/11 was a controlled demolition because it doesn’t make sense to me that all the big business tycoons would attack “their own” so to speak. I believe it was retaliation for US imperialism.

Physical vs Financial Retaliation

: July 6, 2020

People need to understand that physical force is only one type of power abuse and there’s also financial power retaliation, and that’s the thing nobody is doing anything about because it’s “non-violent.”

t makes no sense to me why officers use more force than they need to. But then I realize that people in other positions of authority do the same, just with financial instead of physical force.

It’s too easy for an aggrieved boss, owner, or authority to ruin a career.

Another Attack on Cancel Culture

: July 1, 2020

Here’s another reason i think cancel culture is bullshit. Say someone really is a racist of the most extreme type who won’t even go to a gas station if the person at the register isn’t White.

If that person should impose their racist views on the company they’re working for, then you can use all sorts of legislation to penalize them for that.

But if you pre-emptive strike you don’t really have a moral ground.

when Saddam Hussein didn’t really have the WMD, that was a moral wrong on the united states, not on him.

Another analogy would be say there’s a known drug abuser in your company. You still don’t have the right to fire him unless he shows up to work high.

1st Amendment, not Middle or Last

: June 30, 2020

You have to remember that freedom of speech is the FIRST amendment, not the 13th or 14th. It’s the freedom that every other freedom depends on. We cannot allow cancel culture to undo our free speech in the name of the free market.
The biggest threat to our freedom of speech comes not from the Government passing a law against it, but from all the big businesses waging war on it in the private sector as a monopolized group.

The Act of a Coward

: June 30, 2020

Going against the cancel culture is like going against organized religion during the dark ages. That’s real balls, encouraging the bus to run over people is the act of a coward.

It doesn’t take balls to see a mob beating a person and cheer that mob on. It does take balls to take a baseball bat and stand up for that person. Sorry, cancel mobs are cowards, not people speaking truth to power.

What Could Cause Fascism in America

: June 30, 2020

If a fascist movement does develop in America, it will be because politicians refused to listen to the grievances of young white males and instead lectured them about white privilege, while they’re on the bronze plan and making 13 bucks an hour with advanced tech skills.

Money, Power, UBI, Universal Health Care

: June 30, 2020

The real reason america isn’t pushing ubi / universal health care and similar pro working class policies is because money and power are tied together and big business tyrants, wage slave holders, don’t want to give away their power.

Go Away Karen

: June 30, 2020

I think white men and black men can agree on the karen thing. Whiny weak prima donnas don’t do either of us good.

A karen is very likely to fire a young white professional in an attempt to prove that she isn’t racist herself. They’re cowards and the slightest controversy causes them to panic.

Racial Disparities

: June 30, 2020

The issue of racial disparities is tough to discuss, because it’s very easy to imply that the average young white person basically has it pretty good, and that’s bullshit. The average young white person got totally thrown under the bus.

But it is probably true that since whites have a larger population than blacks, there are more places that whites can feel comfortable than blacks.

But go live in an inner city and then come talk to me about white privilege.