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Step Back to Step Forwards

: June 7, 2019

My basic philosophy – I’m willing to sacrifice some freedoms if big corporations also lose their freedoms.

I’m sick of a few punks who own the media, big tech and government pushing their bullshit onto conformist idiots.

Locking up people for not paying bills. Firing people to get their friend promotions or for privately held and eruditely communicated opinions. Hogging the means of production and then using their rigged game to exclude capable people. Hiring people who have experienced abuse in the past – but only with the intention of using them as a scapegoat.

I have no love for suburban snobs either, who crack like brittle under the slightest controversy and discard people in panic.

I’m actually thrilled to see big tech getting broken up by the Government. We need more of this. We need more privacy. People need rights – corporations should have no rights. I’m willing to leave the united states to achieve my goals of rebelling against this “free market” bullshit.

Shape Up Or Shape Out America

: December 24, 2018

More millennials need to speak the truth about how employers treat employees in America instead of turning the other cheek. Unnecessarily digging into background, firing over political views, favoring their friends at the expense of millennials and firing over office politics, outsourcing their jobs, mistreating them, giving them irrelevant personality tests that reward stupidity, wasting time with multiple interviews and then dropping them a month later and subjecting them to hostile work environments.

It’s time to give America a shape up or shape out message and if it doesn’t shape up we should leave America and then become its enemy and side with countries that hate America such as Russia.

Boomers ruin Merit

: November 13, 2018

I’m a firm believer now that a person brings their talent to an organization as opposed to the organization “training” the talent. Accordingly, a highly skilled person working in a mom and pop shop will always be a superior talent to a mass flood Indian working at Microsoft.

It’s because of that, that I can take a hateful entourage of libel from HR departments, quit the industry and allow the baby boomers to screw everything up, endure complete lack of recognition for my solid actual record when working and still have more talent by a mile than the nepotistic flood of Indians that the baby boomers are attempting to drown us under.

This will only become obvious over time, so time is on my side. No amount of corporate favors or crooked references will change this or bury me under the hateful sewage of Baby Boomer and Indian incompetence.

I know it’s not just boomers/Indians, I’ve witnessed Italian nepotism too, but let’s face it, the foothold of the former is more prevalent and destructive.

“Free Market” Disenfranchising

: September 26, 2018

Monopoly capitalism works to disenfranchise political dissidents by applying pressure on those few employers who go against the grain. Pressure can be applied by supply chains, banks, business to business clients, “boycotts.”

People will actually find out where you work when you keep it secret and don’t tell anyone and then call up the employer and try to get you fired. And given the fickle nature of corporate people (they have no backbone at all) they often succeed.

The Government does have a role, I’m not a supporter of unleashed free markets. They destroy free speech through mobilization and operate outside the constitution. People will outright tell you that free speech only applies to the Government, not the private sector.

This is “white privilege.”

Right Wing Disagreement

: August 3, 2018

I disagree with the right wing on two points:

  1. I think alliances should be built with non-Whites, using common class interests as part of the logic and do not think knowledge that Jews have influence over the media should be cause to turn negative against Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, non-complicit Jews etc
  2. I am aware of the opinion in right wing circles that the Bolsheviks were part of the overall Jewish movement.   I do not think this is the case, I think a bunch of firestarters aligned in America.   I am aware that many Bolsheviks were of Jewish ancestry, but believe they for the most part shedded their loyalties to anything Jewish in the same way that American revolutionaries shedded their loyalties to anything British.  I’m not unfamiliar with the work of Kevin MacDonald, David Duke etc., but I do indeed disagree with them on this point, excepting maybe Leon Trotsky.  I believe the most loyal Bolsheviks were as disloyal to Judaism as Benjamin Franklin was to England. Lenin did make comments about how the only intelligent Russian was really a Jew, but I think this was a rebellious comment designed to get under peoples’ skin more than a true loyalty to the overall Jewish movement.  He opposed the Bund movement and Jews were only more likely to support Bolshevism because of the higher persecution under the Tzarist regime.

How I Got to Here

: July 30, 2018

As someone who does not place himself as part of the “alternative right” or follow pop culture such as the Matrix, I do not use terms like “red pill,” “virtue signaling,” “cuck” etc.   It is a fair point of topic as to how I arrived at my current views and it was not a “red pill.”   It was a process of constantly analyzing things, in the outside world, while reading and while making posts.

If I had to sum up my political beliefs in tweet sized limitation, I would say I believe corporate profiteering is the central problem and that Democrats have turned to reverse racism over class based economics and opposition to foreign policy aggression.  There are more specific positions and deeper philosophical points but those are outside the scope of “the tweet” size.  They are covered and will be covered amply on this blog, on social media and on videos.


Human Nature and Free Markets (tweet sized)

: July 30, 2018

I’d argue that the biggest defenders of free market don’t understand human nature and don’t understand that selfish people will find ways to harm others if they can profit from it. They essentially count on the idea that people who end up at the top will be good people.

Judaic Lobby vs. Russian Lobby (in Media)

: July 29, 2018

The list of people who got fired from corporate media for either criticizing Israel or opposing the drum beats to the Iraq war is quite long. If anyone dares to question this, I can set them straight by actually posting the information.

Yet people at the highest level of media openly accuse Russians of information warfare. It’s okay for the pro-Israel lobby to do it, but not for Russians? It’s okay to attack Russians and not be called a Russiaphobe? To accuse them of controlling peoples’ minds.

This double standard is so strong that I elected not to use the word “Jewish” in the title of this post because of the Pavlov dog reaction that many people (many gentiles as well) have to the word.

Diversity, Pluralism, Multiculturalism, Media

: July 29, 2018

The media keeps talking about pluralism, multiculturalism and diversity. What they mean by this is that Americans should accept more immigration.

When it comes to another type of diversity – internationally listening to Russian Media, Syrian Media, Korean Media – suddenly diversity and pluralism is not good anymore.

As soon as an external viewpoint has the power to stand alone and not be controlled by the overlords, suddenly it is bad.

They want Russians, East Asians, Syrians etc. as subservient immigrants. When those people articulate independent opinion from an equal base of money and power they too are opposed.

Arms of an Octopus

: July 26, 2018

This is not done and I will return to finish it, but wanted to leave something for the people who read this blog

The powers that be want white people to be wrapped up in stupid flag waving and military worship, while they want non-whites to be obsessed with their own race instead of the entire working class. They want Whites to feel there is a double standard and hold it against non-Whites. The Republican flag waving and Democratic reverse racism are both problematic political parties.

Whites then try to prove their patriotism by pushing even harder for imperialism while non-whites view being left out of the military as a form of  racism.   This conflict is wiggled towards imperialism and US adventurism.

They want a fight between Whites who want everyone under one flag and non-Whites who feel they need group identity. And the flag is a flag of blood and imperialism.

The reason they want this is because if non-whites and whites got their act together, the dismantling of the corportracy would be an easy task.