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The Battles and the War

: February 21, 2021

If you look at the battles it appears I’m losing. But if you look at the war, I’m winning.
Because it looks like I tried to make a career a programmer/tech person and just couldn’t make it happen.
But what’s happened is that corporate america has lost its ability silence me and I’ve learned to live with less. And politically, my attitudes against tech and big corporations are hitting a mainstream.
The poll said most Republicans now distrust big corporations – a big swing from Ronald Reagan.

How to Drive Feeds Without Facebook

: February 18, 2021

This is what you need to create your own rss to be able to run your own internet broadcasts that aren’t dependent on facebook but the rest of the internet.

1) You need to know how to create rss feeds for certain users and commentators by getting familiar with common software like wordpress and vbulletin.

2) You need software create rss feeds where you can’t do this like this software : http://fetchrss.com/

3) You need a rss aggregator (like): http://www.rssmix.com/

4) You might want to run some of this through your own website. This would be a good way to not be owned by facebook and its favoritist algorithm that favors females who post pictures over men who post text.

How to Win the Game

: February 8, 2021

What people who are anti male and anti white want you to do is take certain careers, so they can dictate the end of those careers on their own terms. I’ve figured them out and now they cannot stop what I’m doing, with my dropping of the excesses.

Comments on Facebook and “Friending/Unfriending”

: February 7, 2021

I’m kind of in a post friending era, although I suppose if someone really wants to be friended, I can friend them.
The friending and unfriending was a negative experience. I decided to treat this more like a blog and just post whatever I want, often having my posts public.
I look at it like I wasn’t running up very high traffic anyways, so why gear my posts towards a circle of friends instead of make public statements. And the experience reminded me of some things that I didn’t like about public school to begin with. The lack of mission, the desire to appear part of the in crowd.
edit: If people are getting jerked around with the friending stuff, I can help them out. I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. I can tell you, you need to start running your own affairs a little bit and stop worrying about the likes.

Democratic Party Must Divorce

: February 7, 2021

1/2 of the Democratic Party wants to stand for white workers.
1/2 wants to side with corporations against white workers and sees using diversity and tolerance as a strategy to do this.
The Democratic Party has to divorce and break up.

The Ability to Change Directions

: February 7, 2021

You have to accept that sometimes your career path is dictated by outside forces and you have to adjust your lifestyle. For instance, fewer people play in the NFL than people who wanted to and I’m sure in some cases there might be people with the skill who just never get noticed or people like Kaepernick.
And you do have to have the ability to pivot. I’m very glad I’m not a comp sci major, because I do believe I am an extraordinarily good Tech / programming person, but that the politics of the field just kept getting in the way and > a decade is too long to be putting up with it. So thanks perhaps to this legal challenge, I can learn to live another direction, where I’m not dependent on just salary and can live without some amenities.

The Career Con

: February 7, 2021

Young men need to stop being taught that the only way to support yourself is to go to college and be part of the professional managerial class.
They’re many things you can do. You can live rural and grow your own food. You can start your own business. You can learn to bike instead of drive and then be able to have more latitude for what you need to earn immediately.
It’s turning men into corporate slaves and feminizing them.

The Firewall

: February 6, 2021

What’s going to drive weirdo people who have declared war on intelligent white males nuts is that there is going to be no “boss” on top of me that they can appeal to, to get me fired from my own music project. I’ve essentially firewalled them off.

Multiple Distributions

: February 6, 2021

If you just want to post a picture once a month and have friends hit “like” on it here and on facebook I get that. And most people like this are female.
But if you’re not moving to other website simply because you lack the tech skills – you need to get the tech skills. I’m not saying you have to stop posting here, I’m obviously drilling the site during covid.
But facebook should just become like one place out of maybe 10 different places that you lay your eggs. And some of them should be websites that you yourself run.
Especially if you’re male, get over the instant reactions, get over the like stuff. Control the environment.

PMC Behaviors

: February 6, 2021

I think a lot of PMC (Professional Managerial Class) types think they are standing up to the bully and being bold, when in fact, they themselves are the bullies. I really think it’s a beta male thing. People who have no accomplishments outside of their career. They can’t play instruments, they can’t compete in a race, they can’t write a good post.