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Human rights and Business

: November 10, 2017

If big corporations do all the same things that they accuse oppressive governments of doing, then is the free market system really the utopia that you are taught in school? The only difference is that a corporation won’t put you in prison, it will simply financially jeopardize you.

Everything today is run by money. Even defending a legal charge takes money. Being on probation takes money. Getting basic groceries takes money. Having a place to sleep takes money.

To boycott someone financially harms them in a way that’s more passive-aggressive. Also, it is important to note that the military industrial complex aligns corporations behind war efforts.

Combine these two statements.

Capitalism is the Legitimate Racket of the Ruling Class – Al Capone

Serial killers do, on a small scale, what governments do on a large one. – Richard Ramirez

By association many of the things blamed on Governments can be blamed on corporations to an extent too.

Law, Order and Class

: November 10, 2017

I find it interesting how for the most part the people with access to economic power support the law, because without the law they’d have trouble stopping a sort of mass riot against them. Yet when the law turns against them they really do fear it. I’m just observing what I see. For instance an employer will fight tooth and nail against a legal decision that an employee is entitled to unemployment benefits and not a “contractor” and will tremble when they realized that they’ve run afoul of laws regarding background checks (such as rejecting someone for a crime not related to the job, when the crime was disclosed).

Law and order are only good when they’re used to harm working class people.

I knew that employers can be fickle and self centered, but I never anticipated the degree that employers go out of their way to step on employees.    I honestly feel that in many ways the free market system has not taken away corruption but just moved it from the public sector to the private sector. When you’re going through school you sort of are fed an idealized version of America where everyone advances to their own merit and gets their just due.   When you hit the real world you realize that the market system is pretty substantially unfair and that people on the top and bottom do not necessarily deserve their position there.

Populism Misleads

: November 4, 2017

Pushing for racial unity is reactionary if in the process it unites business owners with workers.

Such an ideology allows a tool of the ownership class like Barack Obama to take power and then allows another tool of the ownership class like Donald Trump to take power.

Obama spoke to Blacks and Trump spoke to Whites. Differing in style, they remained imperialists and exploiters in substance.

Populism vs. Socialism

: October 20, 2017

Populism and socialism on their surfaces may seem similar, but they are not the same.  Populism advocates for “the people” against the elites in a national context.  Socialism is international and in certain forms vanguard oriented (which means its more about a cadre of activists than an organic bottom to top movement).

Populists may object to foreign policy that is aggressive and nonsensical (or they may lie like Donald Trump), but they usually do not frame it in class based terms.  A true socialist (not necessarily a social Democrat like Bernie Sanders) sees imperialist war itself as a class issue – the bourgeoisie is invading the third world and the primary victims are not the troops of the invading country (though they are secondary victims) but the countries that are being invaded.


The Cost of Right Deviations on Anti-Imperialism

: October 16, 2017

Note: This post was originally posted on a “Demo” website on 2/28/2016 and has been moved over.
Right Deviations
A right deviationist is a person who is a dissident against America policing the world, but focuses exclusively on the “culture war” and at least is reluctant to make materialist observations and at most openly “denies” them. A particular type of right deviationist focuses on Jewish influence and then makes statements like these:

-We didn’t get any oil.
-(so and so) is guilty of misdirection.
-There is no military industrial complex.


Liberators or Invaders?

: October 16, 2017

It is important to show that the average Iraqi – not just the extremist – and not just the Saddam Hussein supporter wanted us out of Iraq. Here is the data.

Apologists for the invasion will argue that American troops were welcomed as liberators against a dictator, but polling data in 2008 indicates otherwise. In addition, quotes from more recent figures will show the diversity of forces that hold this position.


Blogging in the Modern Era

: October 15, 2017

In the past, the main way to measure the outreach of a blog was by the amount of views and amount of comments.  However, we are now in the era where social media has gained influence, therefore the influence of a post can extend far beyond its own domain name through shares and copy/pastes.  Much like the DPRK supporter Dennis Rodman was able to influence a basketball game without scoring a point, it is now possible because of social media to influence discussion and not have much discussion or readership in the original location.


Lenin on Lincoln

: October 15, 2017


In the United States, the imperialist war waged against Spain in 1898 stirred up the opposition of the “anti-imperialists”, the last of the Mohicans of bourgeois democracy who declared this war to be “criminal”, regarded the annexation of foreign territories as a violation of the Constitution, declared that the treatment of Aguinaldo, leader of the Filipinos (the Americans promised him the independence of his country, but later landed troops and annexed it), was “jingo treachery”, and quoted the words of Lincoln: “When the white man governs himself, that is self-government; but when he governs himself and also governs others, it is no longer self-government; it is despotism.” [2] But as long, as all this criticism shrank from recognising the inseverable bond between imperialism and the trusts, and, therefore, between imperialism and the foundations of capitalism, while it shrank from joining the forces engendered by large-scale capitalism and its development-it remained a “pious wish”.


The Labor Aristocracy

: October 14, 2017

The labor aristocracy is the “pet” group of workers which gets bought off and spoiled by the business owners. Opportunists and “free marketers” like to use a merit based argument to divide the labor aristocracy against the average worker, which implies that those who are paid more work harder and are more productive and those who find themselves on the outside earned that position. I’ve made a lot of circumstantial observations that lead me to the conclusion that this is mainly false. Much of the labor aristocracy is made of people with at best average talent who have special connections and friends covering for them. Sorry, but the baby boomers make up a large part of this.

False Hope and Democrats

: October 12, 2017

What has to be understood is that the Democrats had three main reactions to George W Bush’s Iraq invasion (we will leave out Afghanistan here):
1) One group pretty much went along with Bush
2) Another group opposed the invasion, but said it was a “mistake.”
3) Yet another group opposed the invasion not as a mistake but as a pattern of the US bullying the world.

What has happened is that people in category 3 get their hopes up that various candidates are in the same category, when they’re actually category 2. People like Howard Dean and Barack Obama fully support US imperialism, they just think the Iraq war was bad strategically.

Hillary Clinton, however, could not fool anyone as well as Dean or Obama could.

Donald Trump has no consistency at all. There are some Republicans like Ron Paul who fall into the third category.

The problem is that the second category grew stronger after George W Bush and the third category got weaker.   Also, Bernie Sanders is a 2.5, not a 3.

Note that I never personally was fooled by Obama.   Back in the days of Free Media Productions it was clear that none of us were fooled.