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What is a Conservative Democrat

: October 27, 2020

It should be clarified that in the democratic party, being a conservative means more being a cultural conservative, not an economic conservative. If you were a free market, laissez-faire type, you’d be a republican.

A conservative democrat won’t chimp in anger because someone says “god.” they won’t praise abortion as a great accomplishment, like winning a medal. They won’t consider a sex change to actually change your biological sex. They won’t believe in systemic racism, they’ll believe instead in innate racism (race makes racism). They won’t support rioters, support breaking up ice, unhinged attacks on law enforcement.

On Court Packing

: October 27, 2020

I don’t want the court packed immediately.

I do want the threat that Democrats can pack the court, if they do win, to act in a way to keep the court from pushing a political agenda.

edit: I hope the threat that the court could be packed keeps the court acting constitutional. That’s my position on it.

Why Republicans and Trump Don’t Back Labor

: October 26, 2020

The reason Trump will never back labor, nor will Republicans, is because the last thing he wants is his own employees being sort of able to act bold, able to walk out, not being basically submissive slaves.

If Trump puts in pro labor bills, pro collective bargaining, ubi, makes it more difficult to fire people – that all effects HIS businesses. Trump tower employees might be able to air the political opinions, expose misconduct and not be fired etc.

The Split

: October 26, 2020

There was a period of time between the first George Bush up to Obama (which includes Clinton) where Democrats and Republicans sort of became a single party. You couldn’t tell the difference. But that is over. They’re splitting off again.

Hate or Just Dislike Trump?

: October 26, 2020

I don’t think I hate Trump quite as much as liberal Democrats do. I think he made a big mistake not taking corona seriously, and he’s on the wrong side of labor and class issues. His foreign policy is insincere. But there have been blunders before Trump.

edit: To put it another way, I could easily see a scenario where the selected Democrat would have been such a bad choice, that I would be forced to vote for Trump despite not wanting to. But that’s dealing with imaginary scenarios. I got what I consider to be a good candidate.

Wokeness Acceleration

: October 26, 2020

Me too and black lives matter came within an inch of destroying the Democratic Party chances. Back in the day, Howard Dean called Republicans the “white christian party” and that was as far as it went, but now liberals live their entire life around calling people racist.

Did you know that the south used to be run by Democrats, when suddenly the party went ultra liberal progressively and now it’s just further and further with the internet accelerating it?

Isn’t it funny how Dean’s “white christian party” comments, which he clarified by saying he wants to include minorities not that he’s against white christians, wouldn’t go nearly far enough today for the woke crowd? That’s the problem.

The Rallying vs. The Tent

: October 26, 2020

What amazes me about Republicans is this. They completely rally around a leader. Then Democrats get in 4-8 years. Then they rally around another leader who totally dislikes the one they rallied around before. It’s like they’re cultists who move from cult to cult. Reagan, to Bush, to Trump.

In contrast, I feel Democrats are much more big tent, kind of weighing the pros and cons. Like they may not totally like their leader, but they don’t want to give the rich and powerful even more power by voting Republican.

It’s Biden’s Time

: October 25, 2020

The problem Biden had in the past is that it wasn’t his time. People weren’t cynical enough, skeptical enough of outsiders to want to vote for an insider. Remember Barack Obama and Donald Trump weren’t “supposed” to win their respective nominations. Now people are sick of outsiders.

Election Analysis

: October 25, 2020

This pandemic, this covid crysis, it made Biden a lifesaver for Democrats.

He is conservative enough to not be calling Trump a racist for shutting down immigration during a pandemic. he’s cynical enough not to bail out rioters, to be chanting chants of revolution during a potentially violent riot.

absent of these events, I do think Sanders would have stood a chance if it was just an election about rich vs. poor, economics.

Republican and Democratic Structures

: October 23, 2020

Republicans are a corporate structured party in their rank, organization etc. Democrats are supposed to be a more fraternal party. If that’s changed in the last 40 years it was wrong and should be reversed. The parties are not just two different platforms, and there are in fact conservative democrats and liberal republicans.
So many people need to learn that it’s not about abortion, guns, gay marriage, it’s about how the party is structured. People who tried to structure Democrats like Republicans endangered and ruined the party. They drove out conservative Democrats.
Blacks are voting as more conservative Democrats. Where did the white social conservatives go? They were manhandled away by abusive management inside of the party.
My ideas could totally change the world. I could undo the disastrous restructuring of the Democratic Party. I know what you did and I’m changing it back.
What corporations tried to do is make the Democratic Party an openly anti-white male party, so that then white males would in rebellion, become Republican. I know what they did.